Chapter 6

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"God I hate nerves" Madison thought to herself.

It was Saturday night and she was getting ready for her date with the mailman. And as more time passed since he asked her out, the more nervous she became. It had gotten to the point that when she tried to put on her eye make-up her hand trembled. It didn't help that Sarah had called her to give her "tips" on a first date with him.

Things like

"Get a pedicure if you wear sandals… actually just get a pedicure and a manicure even if you don't wear sandals" and "Shave everything", "Be flirty", "Wear something that shows your cleavage" after the 400th tip Madison had enough and forcefully but as gentle as she could got off the phone with her friend. However she did get the mani and pedi as well as shaved most of her body clean.

"I can do this" she said out loud to herself

She stepped back and looked at herself in the full length mirror. Even though she could stand to lose a few pounds, she looked really good. She had chose to go with a simple jeans and T-shirt but the shirt was a v- neck that showed of her chest nicely but not too much. And her jeans were the ones that made her butt look its best, and yes she did wear her sandals because if she was going to pay someone twenty dollars to paint her toenails she was going to show them off. As for her hair she threw it up in a classic bun.

She was walking to her car to meet her mailman at the restaurant when as usual Joey popped out of nowhere. But this time he didn't say anything to her, he just stood there…watching her as she got into her car and drove away. She was just relieved that she did not have to listen to him try and hit on her. However she should have been concerned why he was watching her…


Sweaty palms…

This was all he could think about has he waited for her at the restaurant. He wiped his hands on his jeans for the tenth time and tried to calm himself down. He was worried his nerves were going to get the best of him and he was going to pass out but as soon as he saw her walking towards him with that smile for him all his nerves seem to have magically disappeared.

He knew the night was going to be good.