"I thought you were supposed to be smart! What's wrong with you, you take like 25 minutes drawing some weird little doodle and you don't do any math?! Come on!" I shout, grabbing onto my hair.

"Stop yelling at me!" She shrieks.

"Stop procrastinating!"

"It's not my fault math is so boring!"

"It wouldn't be as boring if you weren't so bad at it!"

"I wouldn't be so bad at it if you knew how to tutor me better!" She shouts before stomping out of the room.

"Paris!" I call extremely frustrated.

"No! Leave me alone!" I hear the pitter patter of her heels for a while until it dies down. I let out a large breath and give Mrs. Keeler a look before chasing after her.

I've known Paris DeLisi for a few years now and she's always been a quirky absent minded, stupid, funny, easily distracted, loud, mean, sweet, witty, dramatic drama queen. Yeah I know 'dramatic drama queen' is redundant and restating the obvious but I meant it. She's just that dramatic.

She's had the same caramel colored hair-she refuses to dye her hair- and she's been the same height- five foot six- and she's been wearing the same white gold heart locket necklace.

"Paris Ashley DeLisi, you better fucking stop running from me!" I shout as I run after her. Even though I'm taller and the athletic one, she can still put up a good challenge. As I get closer she speeds up and turns a corner almost causing me to crash into the wall.

I grunt and as I'm mere inches I leap and tackle her.

"Ace you jerk!" She groans as she tries to wiggle away.

"Paris stop moving and calm down so I can get back to tutoring you!"

"No! You're a terrible tutor, all you do is yell at me!"

We both sit up and I rub my forehead. I look at Paris and she's pouting like a sad little kid. Well fuck.

"Look, I'm sorry." I manage to say with much reluctance.

"Good." She scoffs.

"What! Dear fucking God, I apologized, you're supposed to accept it."

"No, there aren't any rules on how to accept or when to accept an apology."

"No, you're wrong."

"I'm not wrong!"

"No. Wrong." I get up and brush my pants off unofficially ending the conversation.

"Ace, I am not a dog!"

"Yeah you are." I chuckle, patting her head good naturedly.

"Noooo!" She whines.

"No, you're my dog. No let's go back to Mrs. Keeler's class and you'll sit down like a nice girl so I can help you in math."

"Treating me like a dog…stupid…ignoramous…jerk…" She grumbles. Paris obliges and follows me with her arms crossed, keeping a distance.

"I'm sorry again Paris."



"No." She looks away and I sigh. I walk over to her and we stop. She glares and looks away again.

"Oh pretty please?" I groan.


"Baby if you love me would you please…please smile?" I hold onto her arms and look into her eyes. Paris bites her lip and tries not to smile.

"Baby, I love you but I just can't smile."

"Please?" I plead, making a rather sexual groan this time, "Oh baby please!"

"Oh please smile for me pretty girl. I think I just might die if you don't smile! Sweetheart, baby doll, sugar pie!...Please Paris?" I pout, shouting to the heavens.

"Ace!" She bursts out laughing and I kiss the top of her head.

"That's my girl."

"Whatever." She smiles and we continue walking back.

"So that means you forgive me?" I ask as I place my hand on the doorknob.


"Ugh!" I moan.

"Okay, okay, fine. I forgive you Ace Ventura."

"Ha ha, you're so funny. It's Osbourne darling."

"Yeah, I know." She says nonchalantly as she pushes my hand off and walks through the door.

"Dude, stop touching my nipple." I give my best friend, Carter, a look and chuckle.

"No! Not even, there's just a lot of people and I can't help but rub up against your nip man."

"You're such a creep you know that?" I laugh.

"Hey, it's not my fault our school is packed and my shoulder just so happens to be very boney and it just so happens to be the height of your nipple."

"Okay, cool. It's not you're a football player or anything," I reply sarcastically, "Oh look at all those scary freshman."

"Whatever bro, hop off my dick!"

"Sucha a bromosapien."

"Back atcha." He winks, "So I heard you and Paris got all raunchy in the hallway."

"Not even," I scoff, "I tackled her except I didn't tackle tackle her, it was like a jump and grab. And I'm pretty sure that doesn't sound sexual."

"Hrm…not sexual I don't think…I don't know I can turn it sexual. Get back to me on that. Anyway, what was that about? I also heard y'all were getting cutesy on me."

"We were playing honey I love you because she got mad at me."

"That game saves your ass around her."

"Yeahhh I know." I smile.

"Brohan, you totally like her, why don't you date her?"

"Nah. You know, even if I like her it doesn't mean I want to date her. But I don't like her."

"Keep telling yourself that." He chuckles.


"Hey,fine, maybe you like her but you just don't know it yet. Deep, deeeeep down." He holds his hands up giving me a 'you never know' look.

"I don't think so. We wouldn't last-"


"Ahem," I clear my throat, "We wouldn't last without killing each other."

"Yeah well you guys may fight you love each other."

"Honey if you love me would you please please smile?" I laugh and Carter pushes me.

"Hone I love you but I just can't smile." He says without emotion.


"Yeah, yeah. It's supposed to snow! Karen and Jaxon said they're gonna do a snow dance."

I shake my messy hair that has that nice surfer flow, "They're such a weird couple."

"They're a kick ass couple!" Cart jumps into the air, "They spend their time playing video games and doing arts and crafts."

"True, true." I admit, "They should be a commercial for abstinence ."

"Right on brother man!" He laughs.

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