"It's simple Paris, just use what you learned in geometry to solve it- for this equation you need to use perpendicular bisectors and just find out the circumcenter-"

"What-?" I shout. Jesus, it seems like he's speaking a whole other language. I really should have paid attention freshman year. But you know, cute boys and all and the thrill or finally being in high school. Now I just want to leave this fucking place and move away!

I'm the resident drama queen and honey you only wish that I'd be in your life so you could be as fabulous as me. Just kidding, I'm not fabulous yet. You know I'm still in the phase where you're pining to be famous and telling people that you in fact will be famous yet they don't believe you. Then you go and prove them wrong and eventually you buy shoes that probably cost as much as two small dogs. Yeah, that's me, or will be me.

"PARIS, fucking a, what did you do in math all these years?!" Ace shouts at me. God, he needs to chill out. I mean we've been friends for like forever and we're always arguing- we but heads like freaking rams.

"I was drawing!" I defend.

"How'd you pass your classes?!"

"I always got other people to do my homework…" I admit quietly.


"Yeah, I always got Jason to do my geometry, Caden Karrow to do my alegebra 2 and Joseph and Owen did my pre-calc! At least most of the time."

"You fucking bully."

"I'm not a bully!"

"Fine, you hoe."

"See! I should get a new tutor."

"No! I refuse. If I don't help you then you'll totally get some poor guy to do your homework and seduce him with your acting skills and crush his heart and he'll jump off a bridge." Ace says, dead serious and determined.

"Ace." I whine.

"You know it's true Paris."

"Okay fine!" I shout, "Maybe it is. But what's so wrong about that?!"

"Uh," He scoffs, "It's terrible. Why the fuck would you use someone like that. Bully."

"Ace you're so mean to me." I pout. I stand up to leave but he grabs me and sits me in his lap.

"Sorry, sorry. So back to math-"

"Look hun, just don't get math. I'm way better at getting other people to do my homework."

Ace rolls his eyes and sighs- his warm breath on my shoulder. He gives my shoulder a quick kiss, "It's not that difficult. They're just numbers and variables. Learn the rules and you'll be fine. Geometry is the hardest of all high school math levels so I'll reteach you some of that. Then you'll get trig easily."

"But I don't want toooo." I groan.

"Stop being a baby."

I make my bottom lip quiver and try to give him a doe eyes look. All Ace does is frown and give me a stern look. I sigh and press my forehead to his.

"Baby, if you love me would you please please smile? And not make me learn math?" I play with his ears, knowing that he has a weakness with it comes to his neck and ears.

"Paris…"He moans, "Don't do this."

"Please? Don't you love me?" I ask quietly. Yes, I'll so win! Sucker doesn't even have a chance.


"Ace?" I rub my nose into his cheek.

"Baby, I love you…but I just can't smile. And I have to make you learn math…"

I distance my face from his and pout.

"Paris don't do that."

"Ace! Ace Osbourne doesn't love me!" I shout, jumping out of his lap, grabbing the attention of bystanders. Oh how I love the attention. But I love making Ace angry more.

I hear him grunt and I look at him right as he's rubbing his forehead.

"What in the world did I do to make him not love me?"

"Paris," he says.

"Oh wait," I spot Raleigh, "Ralie loves me!"

I smile at the brunette as he chuckles and I sit down with him, giving his cheek a kiss.

"Paris!" Ace grunts, "Stop it. I love you."

"Good." I huff, looking away, "But I really can't be sure…" I add quietly.

"Ugh!" He laughs, "Paris DeLisi, I love you so so much!" Ace picks me up and swings me around.

"Ace!" I laugh.

Ah Ace Osbourne, can you say golden boy? He basically defines that phrase. He has a perfect mixture of blonde and light lightttt brown hair, baby blue eyes, tall, toned- a perfect body might I add-, athletic and smart. He even has dimples and a smattering of freckles around the bridge of his nose and cheeks. Yep, golden boy at its finest.

Truly Ace makes me jealous that he can balance everything and totally excel at it all and then some.

Even if we bicker like an old married couple, we get along perfectly. But sometimes I want to chop him up, stuff him in a trash bag and leave his body deep in the ground…but I'm sure it's mutual. Except I think he'd murder me differently-something along the lines of shoving me in a bonfire while I'm intoxicated and getting all hot and heavy with some dud.

"You're cool." I sigh while prying away from him. You know just in case he'll tickle me.

"I know. How about you stop worrying about my level of cool and start with math."

"Ugh! Way to ruin my happiness. I'm just too cool for school."

"More like too school for cool." He chuckles.

"Whateverrrrr, Raleigh you wouldn't force me to do quadratic equations would you?" I bat my eye lashes at him.

"Never. Maybe other kind of equations but not quadratic, never been too good at those." He plays along.

"Hah! See, you're in desperate need of math. So how about we move along, huh?" Ace wraps his arm around my waist and leads me away.

"Fineeee." I give in, "Later Ralie!" I blow him a goodbye kiss.

Ace's grip around my boney hip tightens and I wiggle around playfully.

"You're such a puppy." He laughs.

"Yep, cute like one too." I say modestly.

"The cutest puppy alive." He kisses the top of my head.

"I think someone deserves a reward."

"Oooo, would that someone just so happen to be amazing, insanely attractive, sexy and blonde?"

"Tom Felton or Matt Barr?"

"I'd say not." He adds nicely.

"Okay then, Trevor Bastos? The one in our marketing class?"

"Wrong again. And ew, he's gross and clearly homosexual."

"What! Not even-"

"Yeah he is. He likes to bottom fyi."

"Ewwww." I cringe. Sigh and I seriously thought Trevor was hot! What an unfortunate event.

"Meh, whatever. Guess again."

I love how accepting Ace is of people.

"Would it be…you?" I say, feigning cluelessness.

"I think you'd be correct." He replies matter-of-factly.


Ace starts to laugh and I can't help but laugh along. He wraps his arms around me and kisses the corner of my mouth.

"Ace!" I giggle.

"Yeees?" He inhales my scent and I fall into his side.


"Well I have something to say, so far I haven't managed to teach you anything. This time we're going to buckle down and I'm going to teach you. Even if I have to tie you to a chair." He tweaks my nose and we grab my stuff.

"Kinky," I joke, "Fine, fine. But only if you do all of my other homework." I add quickly.


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