After she got over the initial shock that she was in the castle and that it was the prince who rescued her from Marcus, Cyndi remembered the way the men in the forest were wearing the royal colours. Alyssa had left the chamber after a servant came telling her that her mother, The Queen, was looking for her. Cyndi's headache had vanished but she was still stuck in bed until Alyssa came back. Not that that was going to stop her; she pushed the covers off her and got up. She went into the bathroom and got into the bath which a servant had drawn for her.

After her bath, she wrapped herself in a large towel and returned to the bedroom feeling perfectly refreshed. She found a dress at the bottom of the bed which was addressed to her. It was floor length red silk with gold around the hems. It was beautiful. Cyndi didn't want to put on something so expensive without earning it, but she didn't have anything else to wear. She put it on and left the room.

Outside, the halls were long and wide with paintings and torches hung upon the walls. Cyndi needed to stretch her legs; she had been lying in bed all night and half of the day. She walked around the Castle, exploring all the passageways and galleries. The Castle housed many extravagant painting. While she was exploring, Cyndi only came across two servants who both nodded politely and kept on walking.

After walking for at least over an hour, Cyndi returned to the bedroom to find Alyssa sitting cross-legged on the bed with a big smile spread across her face.

"You snuck out," she wagged her finger dramatically "but at least you look stunning in the dress," she smiled "Mother wants to talk to you."

Cyndi choked "Mother? As in The Queen?"

Alyssa laughed at Cyndi's reaction "don't worry; Mother really is nice," she hesitated "at least once she decides if she likes you. She just wants to ask you a few questions about the man who attacked you and where you come from. We know you're not from Castellum; we asked around."

"No," Cyndi said "I'm from up north, near the sea; a small town called Calais," she was starting to calm down about meeting the Queen, she was just thinking about what she would say.

Alyssa shook her head and looked embarrassed "I forgot to ask you what your name is," Cyndi was shocked to see a shy embarrassed smile spread across Alyssa's face.

Cyndi stretched her hand out to Alyssa "My name is Jessamine Cyndi Victoria Ceress but everybody calls me Cyndi."

"Interesting, someone with as many names as mine. Ceress? I've never heard or that name before. Is it a family name?" Alyssa asked.

Oh-no, thought Cyndi, what if Mother doesn't want the Royals to know our last name. However, it was too late to go back now "yes it is," said Cyndi "it's been in our family for over a thousand years."

"That's brilliant; it's good when you can trace back your family through the generations," Alyssa suddenly looked very happy "did you know it was my ancestors who destroyed the sorcerers and put an end to their reign?" she asked.

Cyndi had to bite her tongue to keep from snapping "actually I did, my family talk about it all the time," when we are plotting.

Alyssa looked ecstatic "then you would know what dreadful creatures those sorcerers are?" she asked.

You better watch your mouth little girl or I will break it in half, Cyndi thought. Instead, she said "let's go see your mother."


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