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Chapter One:

The Name is Creed

The only thing I remember is pain in my right eye and the bitter cold of winter. I remember my eye throbbing as the blood pulsates

through it, and the cold wind not helping it. I remember stumbling through street after street, before finally collapsing in a dark alley.

Lastly, I remember a voice. It was kind, but stern. I have no knowledge of what I said, but it must have concerned the owner of the

enough to have him, pick my fragile body up in his strong arms, and carry me for some time before losing conscienceless. I know I

woke up a few times, because each time I opened my good eye, it was either light out or dark. I knew that I was in terrible

condition, but how I got into that condition, was beyond my weary mind.

Finally, I awoke for longer then just a few seconds. The first thing I noticed was the pain in my eye. Sure, it throbbed like #!*% ,

but not as bad as before. The second thing I noticed was warmth. I was completely surrounded by it.

Slowly I opened my good eye, and looked around. To my right was a wooden wall, that looked like if any pressure was applied to it,

the wall would collapse. But to my left was something I hadn't anticipated. There, asleep on the floor, was a young boy. His blond

hair spread across his sun kissed face. I knew immediately who this was. This was my savior. 'He might be a few years older then me'

I thought, when a realization came to me.

'I-I don't even remember my own name, let alone my age.'

Tears escape my good eye, and slowly fall down my pale face as sobs racket my small body. Upon hearing my sobs, the boy woke

up, and, as if expecting an attack, grabs the stick that was, conveniently, lying besides him. When he realizes it's just me, he

loosens the grip on the stick. He turns to me, his bright green eyes looking at me in concern. "Are you all right, lil lady?" His voice has

an accent in it, one that I can not place. I look up at him, but don't reply. He bends down, and grabs a rag and places it on my

forehead. He dabs my forehead, and cleans up the marks that the tears had left. He smiles at me and says "I'm glad your fever

came down. I was really worried that you wouldn't make it, but I guess you're a fighter, huh?" I nod slowly, still not saying a word.

"Can you tell me your name?" he asks, still dabbing the cloth. For a moment, I remain silent. Finally, I open my mouth and whisper

"I-I don't know. I don't k-know what my name is."

As the words escape my lips, the hot tears rush from my eyes again. Shock flickers across his face before he regains his composer.

He doesn't say a word as he wipes my eyes again, and gets up. Frightened that he might leave me, I try to sit up, only to be pushed

back down be the boy. He smiles and walks over to a small wood stove, where he placed a pot of snow onto it. "Well, my name is

Trimm. I'm 8 years old, and I've lived on the streets all of my life. I found you half buried in the snow as I was walking back here. You

were badly injured (still are, but not as bad as it was a few days ago).

"Your left eye was cut up pretty bad. We tried to save it, but it was impossible, so we had to replace it with a glass eye." He comes

over and hands me a cup of warm milk, but continues to talk. "We weren't able to find a replacement that was the same color as

yours, so we had to make do with a blue eye."

I stare at him as he continues to tell me about how he found me and got me a new eye.

All of a sudden, Trimm stops and looks at the wall, as if he was seeing something I wasn't. "Creed." He mummers, as if to himself.

He turns to me, excitement glittering in his eyes. "How bout we call you 'Creed'? It was my mother's best friend's name."

I look at him, and for the first time, I smile at him and say, "I like that."

~9 years later~

"RUN KIDDO, RUN!!" shouts BeBe, as she sprints by me, her long hair flowing behind her, like a purple fire. Startled, I leap from my

crouched position, letting out a bunch of colorful words as I quickly gather my packs and crossbow, then dash after her, thinking,

'what did she do now?'

My question was answered not even 3 seconds later. A sound that pierced through the air, sending smoke and debris flying through

the air sounded behind me. Not wanting to, I look behind me and I see the remains of what was once the Yuzin Bank of the

Country, in flames. "OH…MY…GOD…… what did you do BeBe?" I start out whispering but end up screaming, straining to keep up with

her. We run through the Main Market, crashing into people, but not caring as they swore at us. While we ran, I noticed the smell of

fresh bread. I turn to look at BeBe (I had finally caught up with her) she nods, and we make a slight detour.

From our shirts, we pull up are turtle necks over are noses, and put on our elegantly made masks that I had taken out from our


We run straight towards the stall with the bread, and grab as many loaves that we can carry, not caring if the baker saw us (which

he did) and ran away. The baker attempted to chase us, but he's not exactly a young man anymore. Plus, he's a really big man, and

the crowds not even moving, cause there to busy looking at the smoke cloud that was visible above the buildings. So, with the

nimbleness of cats, we easily get away form him. The many loaves of bread are warm in my arms as we duck behind a large Meat

Truck. I shrug my black bag off my shoulder and stuff the bread inside, and from the other bag, I retrieve a plastic bag(1). Looking

behind me, to make sure no ones watching, I bend down and take a bobby pin from my hair. With BeBe acting as my look out, I pick

the lock on the truck with efficient speed. With a click, the door pops loose from the truck.

"We're in BeBe." I whisper, placing the pin back in my hair and open the door a crack to make sure no ones on the inside. After

checking, I slip in and gasp at all the meats that were in there. Pork sausages, blood sausages, steaks, ham, turkey, meats I've

never seen before in my life, were stacked from the ceiling to the floor.

Whistling, BeBe ducked her head in and said, "Well, ain't this a pretty treasure we found ourselves? Hurry up kido, and grab some

before the Butchers(2) come out." I nod, and begin to grab only the meat I was familiar with, stuffing them into the bags that BeBe

had given me. Once they were as full as I could get it, I tied them up, jumped out of the truck, and just as I was closing the door, a

Butcher came out the door of the local shop, and spotted us. With a cry, he takes a knife that was hanging from his side and ran

towards us. "THEIVES! COME 'ER YA SCRAWNY THEIVES!" the man shouts, his face turning a dark shade of purple. I shoot a look at

BeBe, who rolls her eyes at me, but gives me a nod; I give her the bags of meat, and take the crossbow that hung across my back

as I started to run. A smirk on my face (although he couldn't see it) I aimed, then fired one quick shot.

Not stopping to look to see if I hit him, I run after BeBe, who was already about 20 meters ahead of me. I hear a howl of pain, and

know that my aim was true. I catch up with BeBe, (who, even with four bags of about 40 pounds of meat in each, could run much

faster then me) and took my bags. "Haha haha! Now that was fun, wasn't?" she says a grin on her face. I glance at her my silver

eye rolling in the back of my head, but then nod in agreement. "Whelp, we should get home now, shouldn't we? Or do you want ta

stay an' have some more fun?"

" let's not. We've already been away for most of they day. They might start to worry."

"Psh, your such a worry wart." Bebe snapped. "Alright, let's get home then." She sighed in defeat as she ducks down one of the

many alleyways leading home.

With a quick glance, I look behind me to make sure no ones near us, and reply, "Let's go."

~Time Skip! 20 minutes~

After almost colliding with over 30 different Police, Be

Be and I stumble through the doorway of the small hut that we called our home.

"WE'RE HOME!!!" BeBe cries out in a horrible voice that's supposed to be singing. A few voices cry "BeBe!" in response to BeBe's

screech. Several feet are heard as I place the two bulging bags of meat on the hard concert ground.

4 heads poke around the corner suspiciously.

"BeBe! Creed! You're all right!" cries Jaden, looking at us with a 6 year olds innocence. He dashes out from behind the corner, and

ran into BeBe's awaiting arms. Slowly, the others venture out, their eyes looking for signs of danger. 'Those poor kids. Why must they

double check everything step they make?' I sadly think to myself. When they finally decided that there is nothing that would threaten

their lives, they run up to us.

Liz (she's bout 10), Brandon (4) and Rin (4) all hug us. Jaden begins to ask us questions like if we were the ones who caused the

explosion at the Yuzin Bank (how the #!*% did they find out about that so quickly?), or if we were near it and saw who did it, and

when (they noticed the meat), were we got it. BeBe looks at me, a grin flickering at the edge of her mouth. "Alright lil' ones, why

don't we put this 'ere meat in the fridge, hmmm? Then I'll tell ya'll what happened. How's that lil ones?" she says, prying Jaiden's

arms from around her slightly swollen belly. "Hey BeBe, you should rest." I say in concern, looking at BeBe. "You put a lot of strain on

yourself and….err…. on yourself today." I amend quickly. Unfortunately, not quick enough. Liz turns to look at us suspiciously, but a

sharp look from me cuts off the question I know she's dying to ask.

I look at BeBe, and we both know that we were going to have to tell them soon. "Hey, where's Trimm?" I ask Jaden, putting little Rin

and Brandon into Liz's arms. "He's at work" he replied, his face dropping, sad that he wasn't here. "He said he wouldn't be back

until tomorrow."

I give a curt nod and say, "All right. So he's just gonna have to miss dinner. Wanna help out guys?" I ask, picking up one of the four

bags, and placing it on the counter. There faces light up at the prospect of being able to help make dinner (last time I let them help,

it was a complete disaster. However, I had to do what an older sister had to do to keep them from Bebe).

"Yes please!" I laugh at their eagerness, then select a large steak, and put it in a pan. "Hey, Creed, I'm gonna take the twins and

lay down for a bit, alright?" says BeBe, taking Rin and Brandon from Liz's arms so she could go and grab the potatoes.

I look at her, and nod. "Have a good rest BeBe." I reply as I grab a knife from one of the many pockets on my coat. "All right, Mini-

Chiefs!! Let's get to cooking shall we? We've got a hungry crew awaiting a good meal!"

They salute and say "YES MA'AM!!!" with grins on there face. 'It's been a long time since I've seen them this happy.' I think as I begin

to order them to there "stations."

(1) In Creed's world, plastic is a really rare item. Only the wealthy have plastic.

(2) A Butcher is someone who works in butchering (duh) but they have no names. It's the same as Police. They've got Chief of Police and Chief of Butcher, or any other profession.

Creed's world is based off of a modern 1800's (basically, like Shakespeare's time and today's time smashed into one. The wealthy get to live like the wealthy do here, but the middle and lower classes live like the times of William Shakespeare.)

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