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Chapter 3:

The Dream

"Creed. Creed! Can you hear me? Creed!"

The voice whispers in my ear, over and over again, until I try to shoo it away. "Creed! Answer me! Please…answer…."

The voice continues, growing more and more desperate. Slowly, I open my eyes and look around. I'm surrounded by what looks like a white fog. Panicking, I sit up, and discover I'm not in the clothes that I fell asleep in. Instead of the thick wholly pants, and jacket, I was wearing a nearly see-through one piece dress that barely went to my knees, and barely covered my breasts. Underneath that, I wore a pair of long socks, that stopped short of my underwear (which oddly enough changed to something Trimm called 'panties'). Then I heard it again.

That voice. "Creed….are you here? Can you hear me?"

I realize that the voice sounds familiar. Clearing my throat, I manage to squeak out "H-hello? Who's…who's there?" For a few moments, I begin to think that I must have imagined the voice, when a gush of air is blasted over me. There, standing over me was a girl, who looked no older than 6 or 7 years old. 'She looks out of breathe, almost as if she's been running for a long time.' I think to myself, as she pushes her long black hair away from her flushed face. "CREED!! You can here me! I finally am able to talk to you again!"

Confused and cold, I struggled to talk over the girl's voice, before I finally scream "STOP!!" in anger. The girl stops for a minute, before saying "Did I make you mad?"I take several deep breathes before saying "Yes, just a little. I'm sorry for yelling at you, Kaira."

'Wait….who's Kaira. And why did I call that girl that? I don't even know her.' I have just enough time to think that before the girl's (Kaira) eyes widen in shock.

"Do….do you remember me?" She looked so hopeful, that when I shook my head "no" I felt so guilty for not remembering (remembering what, I did not know) that I felt like I should cheer her up. "So…ummm…your name is Kaira? Did you know me? I mean, before I lost my…err…memory?" She looks up at me, her golden eyes sad as she whispered softly "Yes. I knew you. And you knew me. We've known each other for a very, very long time."The way she said this made me think that she was much older than just 6 or 7. Nervous, I asked the one question that had been bouncing around in my mind. "Uh… not to sound desperate or anything, but uh…where are we?"

Kaira smiled, as if she knew something I didn't (which was very true). "We're in your head Creed."

"So…you're just a figment of my imagination?"

"Hahahahahaha! You're so funny Creed! No, dear Creed, I'm not just a figment of your imagination." Her she pauses, as if she's searching for the right words. "I guess you can say I'm trapped in here."

"T-trapped? How? And why in my head?"

"Oh Creed. I wish I can tell you, but I've been ordered bythemnot to. I'm sorry. So sorry. All I can tell you, is that it's our punishment."

"Them? Who's 'them'? And why's it a punishment?"

Here she smiles at me, her golden eyes once again shining with knowledge that far exceeded her years, before she leans close to me, so close that I could feel her body heat radiating off of her pale figure, and grasps me in a motherly embrace. Startled, I freeze before wrapping my arms around her and press my face into her soft hair.

We stay like that for a few minutes, before Kaira pulls back. She looks at me, her face splitting into a grin.

Surprised by the sudden change in her mood, my mouth falls open.

"Haha! Creed! You look like a gupian (1)!" She laughs.

I snap my mouth closed and narrow my eyes. "Oh yeah? Well, you look like a...a..." I struggle to find a good comeback, but for the first time in a VERY long time, I am at a loss for words. "Oh! I give up!" I throw my hands up in the air, to single that I had given up.

She continues to laugh, her brilliant golden eyes shut with the force of her laughter.

I stare at her for a few moments, before standing up. Still laughing, she doesn't notice that I was no longer sitting next to her.

I look around, looking for something, but she nothing but white fog. ' #!*% . What is this place? Heaven?' I sigh in defeat. I look down when an idea pops into my mind. Grinning evilly, I crotch down besides Kaira.

As if sensing that something was going to happen to her (good or bad, she couldn't tell), the golden eyed girl stopped her laughing and looked up at me. "Err...C-Creed? W-What's wrong?"

'She's nervous...good' I think, smirking in a very unlike-Creed way.

With a playful roar, I tackled the golden eyed girl to the ground and began to tickle her.

"Hahaha! C-Creed! HAHAHA! Stop! AHAHAHAHAHA!" Kaira struggled under my body, trying to escape. After a bunch of attempts of trying to escape, she gives up, and instead begins to tickle me.

"HAHAHAHA! S-stop....hahaha...Kaira...hahahaha..." I gasp as she started to tickle my stomach.

For the next few hours (or at least what feels like hours) we tickle each other and wrestle, before finally collapsing onto the 'ground'. Still laughing, Kairi rests her black hair'd head on my chest and wraps her arms around my slim waist.

We lay there, looking at the sky (A/N Yes, there is a sky. And yes, its blue XD) with me running my fingers through her silky hair, before I finally pluck up the courage to ask the girl besides me a question thats been pondering my mind for the last few minutes.

"I have to go now, don't I?" She squeezes me tighter in response, and I feel hot tears spilling onto my gown and stomach. For some reason, I felt guiltily at the thought of leaving her behind, so I continued to hold her.

I whispered softly in her ear, "Kaira, will I be able to come back again? Like, maybe tomorrow?"

She sits up, tears streaming down her face as she replies, "I don't believe they would be angry if you came back tomorrow. No, they wouldn't be!"

I smile at her, happy that I was able to cheer her up. Then I felt it. A tug. Gentle, but fierce at the same time. I ignored it, and pulled the girl into a hug, determined not to let this dream end.

"Creed...thank you...even if you don't remember me...thank you for coming and asking to come again." Kaira whispers softly, as if talking to someone who was asleep (which technically I am).

I smile down at her, and whisper back (why? I have NO clue) "Your welcome, my darling Angel. Now sleep tight, and do not fret this fragile night. I shall protect thee from all of thy's fears. Let all who hear me, fear me. None shall touch thee in thy's sleep. Now rest easy, young one. For upon the 'morrow, we have work to be done."

I have no clue where these words came from, but it seemed to do the trick. Kaira calmed down immediately, her breathing began to deepen as she fell into a deep sleep. I sifted the girl to where her head lay on my lap. I played with her hair as I felt another pull on my spirit.

With a sigh, I lean down and kiss the girls forehead. "Good bye my darling Angel. Upon the 'morrow I shall see thee."

And with those words, I let the pull take me back to my body.

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(1). A gupain is the main type of fish in Creeds world.

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