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False Wings

The starlight fell upon her shoulders and danced down her back. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, feeling their light embrace her as the spray of the sea descended over her.

The scent of the sea always reminded her of him.

She still remembered being that girl filled with ambition and hope for the world, her world, and walking along the beach picking up seashells early in the morning.

She still remembered smiling.

The wind tossed her hair over her shoulders as her knees kissed the sand and her fingertips curled around a small, pink seashell. She turned it in her grasp and smiled contently. She looked up when a pair of tan bare feet placed themselves before her.

A smile greeted her hazel eyes.

"Hi there." His eyes reminded her of the ocean in the moonlight. A dark blue with simple reflections of stars dancing across it elegantly. He rubbed the bottom of his chin with the back of his hand, allowing crystals of sand to become embedded in the rough stubble, and nodded to her shell.

"You know," he said with a voice as smooth the water. "I can make a necklace for you if you gather enough." He extended a hand towards her and her eyes fell to the light blue bracelet around his dark wrist. "I'm Mark."

She smiled softly into those dark blue eyes. "I'm Melanie..."

Melanie took a shuddering breath and puled herself out of the memory. If she had only known that those eyes were so deceiving, so disastrous, so deadly...

Maybe she wouldn't be here right now.

The sound of the door slamming still made her jump as if it had happened just then.

Stop... She wanted to say but her voice was lost somewhere beneath her stomach.

And she knew she couldn't stop...She never would.

The door slammed and Melanie jumped. Mark stood in front of it with his arms crossed and his eyes cast to the floor.

He didn't even have the decency to look at her.

"You weren't supposed to be home..." He said under his breath, as if that was a reasonable excuse.

"I'm sorry I ruined your plans." Melanie swallowed thickly, wishing she had more of a retort and sounded less like a middle schooler. "Who is she?"

Mark shuffled his feet. "No one...She doesn't even mean anything to me."

"Oh even better!" Melanie threw her hands in the air. "So then what does that make me? Less than nothing?"

Mark quickly looked up and took Melanie's face in his hands. "No! Of course not! Mel...I'm...I'm so sorry. I messed up. I did. It will never happen again. I just... You've been acting...Distant...And...It's nice to have someone to be close with. She's nothing compared to you."

Melanie fell into his gaze and almost melted in his arms. She blinked and tried to compose herself.

"Melanie...When I'm with you no one else exists. I live to be next to you. You are my oxygen. You're my personification of perfection. When I'm not with you this happens... I crumble. When I'm afraid you might be over me, might move on, or find someone better, I become someone else. I need to immediately find someone to replace you because you have dug such a hole inside of me that I can never fill up completely. No one will ever be as good as you." Mark pressed his forehead against hers and closed his eyes. "No one...So I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Melanie swallowed again and gently touched one of Mark's hands still cupping her face. "Mark..."

"Melanie." He took her into his strong arms and breathed her in. "I love you."

Her eyes closed and she become lost under his spell.

Melanie kicked a rock in front of her foot. Didn't her mother teach her better than that?

The wind pushed against her chest and she rocked back on her heels.

She just couldn't help herself.

When she was with him...

Melanie smiled when she felt Mark press his lips against her cheek. He picked her up and threw her torso over his shoulder. She let out an excited laugh and he ran into the ocean.

He spun around as Melanie closed her eyes. She felt as if she were flying. She could feel the wind ripple under her shirt and over her spine. The spinning stopped and Mark lifted her up and placed her back on the ground.

With her eyes still closed, Mark smiled and kissed her softly. Her breath became caught in the back of her throat as her heart skipped with every touch of his lips against hers.

When her eyes opened she thought she was looking into the sky instead of Mark's dark blue eyes. He touched her face and she leaned into the touch.

Melanie tapped her fingertips on the side of her hipbone. She looked over the cliff warily and saw the waves crashing against the rocks below her. She spread her arms out to either side.

He made her feel like she could fly.

But she knew they were simply false wings and she was only pretending to be Icarus. Her wings were as transparent as his words and as fragile as her broken heart. She couldn't fly with them as much as she could rip them from her shoulder blades and throw them into the unforgiving ocean.

They would always be there. She would always feel them fold behind her and they would always remind her of him...

Never let her forget him.

"Melanie wait!" Mark called out behind her.

She ran into the ocean and collapsed.

"Melanie!" Mark kneeled before her and held her arms as she cried.

"Why do I keep doing this? Why do I keep trusting you?" She sobbed.

"Mel..." Mark shook his head. "I'm sorry.... I love you though..." He fished in his pocket, halfway buried beneath the waves, and pulled out a small sapphire ring. "I... I was going to wait but..."

Melanie's eyes widened. "After I just saw you with another woman...You're going to...?"

"Mel..." Mark kissed her nose. "It's not what it looked like. Really, truly, honestly. It wasn't. She's had a crush on me forever and I took her to pick out this ring for you today and I guess she thought today was her last chance to...Have me. She took my shirt off. I was trying to put hers back on...That's...Why I was holding it..." Mark looked away for a moment and then back at Melanie. "I want to be with you. I want to share my life with you. Please...Will you marry me?"

Melanie looked deeply into those dark blue eyes and she saw something she didn't want to see.

She saw that he was lying.

Melanie smiled as her heart continued to break. As he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her she knew that he would continue to hurt her, continue to shatter her heart, and she would still come back to him.

She would keep flying on her false wings.

Melanie gently slid the ring from her finger and took a deep breath as she heard that familiar voice behind her.


She turned to look at him. He was panting. His black hair was messy and out of place as it fell over his deceptive eyes. His black stubble sat on his chin and spread it's thin fingers across his jawline. His lips...

Melanie looked away for a moment and focused on his red shorts.

They were the same shorts that he was wearing when they found their first sand dollar together.

Melanie tightened her hold around Mark as they both swam under water together. He put a hand over hers and looked over his shoulder at her. He smiled and a few bubbles fell from his lips. She wanted to laugh but held her breath captive within her chest.

Her hazel eyes fell upon a glowing purple light on the ocean floor. It was a sand dollar. Most of it was buried underneath sand but the purple hue it was giving off was bright enough to be seen from the surface on a good day.

Melanie quickly tapped Mark's shoulder and pointed at the sand dollar. Mark nodded and pulled her arms away from him before he dove to the floor. She surfaced for air and when he reappeared he as delicately holding the sand dollar with both hands.

"I've never seen one glow before..." Melanie said breathless. "It's beautiful."

Mark smiled as he looked fondly at her. "You're right... It is."

Melanie locked gazes with him and she smiled shyly. She knew he wasn't talking about the sand dollar.

Melanie turned her back to him as her heart started to ache. "What have you got to saw this time? You were lonely? I've been acting cold? She was drunk?"

"Mel..." She could hear him shuffle his feet. "Please get away from the edge...Don't...Don't do anything drastic."

She laughed. "Drastic? Love, you have no idea." She tossed his ring over her shoulder at him and he fumbled to catch it.

"Melanie, what--"

She pushed herself off and, for a moment, truly flew.


The minute she hit the water and resurfaced she took a deep breath. She felt alive, felt new, and free. Melanie fell on her back and laughed as she looked up at the stars.

Her false wings would always be there. Melanie knew this as she saw Mark look over the edge at her worriedly, but she figured if she couldn't use them to fly she might as well use them to swim.

Melanie closed her eyes, against the stars, against Mark, and against the world to simply swim backwards.

She didn't know where she was swimming but she knew that the current would bring her back to shore.

It always would.

Kir Sirin