on the bus between campuses i'm squished between two chickenshit guys with headphones and dark baggy jeans.
the kid on the left keeps nudging my side with the back of his arm while he's typing
and when he shifts the pressure goes away and i collapse there with unexpected loneliness.
the kid on the right mindlessly flicks a finger over his the cracked screen of his ipod and i don't look to see what he's playing.
the girl across from me has wide eyes framed by brown eyeliner and we keep making accidental eye contact.
my gaze drifts stubbornly towards the natural gap between her knees and my fingers shake.

i'm thinking about sinking to my knees and sliding my fingers over her jeans, stretching her legs just a bit wider,
pressing open mouth kisses to the denim tight against her thighs. i'm thinking about her hand wrenching into my hair
and the bone along her thumb digging right above my ear and about how her voice makes me moan and twist and bite against the crook of my arm.
she'll slide her hands down sleekly over mine, pressed flat and sweaty above her knees, and she'll drag them higher.
she'll nudge me back with one foot and my hands will slip onto the plastic seat.

i stare at her thighs but i'm still thinking about my neck arching when she presses her fingers against my throat and my jaw and shoves one suede boot between my legs.
her voice lowers and i whine into the dry pads of her fingertips and she smiles. my hips jerk involuntarily and my lips part. her palm trails down and stops against my chest, squeezing.
i look up and the girl across from me is watching me so i look away. the kid on my left is changing track names in itunes.

the kid on my right is still scrolling through his songs, looking for something that knows how to fuck with his head.
when the bus stops i smile at the boy on my left and drop my eyes appropriately and stand up fishing for my keys.
my roommate's crying and i keep asking her what i can do, but really i'm bored, liking posts on facebook. i go to my profile trying to think of a status.
on the left it says "interested in: men" and it doesn't say anything else.