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I tried my hardest not to breathe as a pair of servants walked along the corridor. I could hear three other sets of lungs heaving from running, and giggles erupted. I shot a look back at my sisters Melody, Kathleen, and Marie. They went silent.

The servants passed making no notice of the four girls hiding behind plants and desks that lined the halls wall. I smiled, happily, but then I turned to my sisters, "are you trying to get us caught?" I asked with a stern look on my face. They smiled knowing I could not be really mean to them. I smiled back and jumped out of the vicus that barely covered me.

Melody followed, dragging Kathleen and Marie behind her. "Alas, ye scallywages, we are nearly aboard our ship," she called quietly.

"Onward," I replied, running on ahead of them. I could hear their short legs behind me. The door to the outside was, but a few yards away. I could smell the cedar of its wood.

"And where do you think you're going, young ladies?" Came a booming voice.

I stopped and turned to where I heard it, to see none other than Papa at the top of our high staircase. Just as we made eye contact Melody ran into me, then Kathleen into her...then Marie into her. I lost balance at the force, and fell over bringing all the girls with me. Uh oh.

I looked up at Papa and saw he was smiling. I laughed and tried to get up. It took a bit of work, and I think Marie fell over twice. Eventually we all were in a single file line at attention, facing Papa.

He tried to hide his smile and he walking slowly down the stair, torturing us, I'm certain. Did he know how hard it was to keep and arm at your forehead for so long? But the torture was light-hearted and jokingly funny.

When he finally reached us Marie's arm was too tired and fell to her side. No one look. We were at attention.

Papa examined us all up and down as though we were unworthy to be his crew. I knew this because he said in a fake harsh voice, "And what make you think you are worthy to be on my crew? He pointed at Kathleen.

She tried not to laugh, but basically failed. "We are loyal." Then she broke into a fit of giggles.

"At ease, Good and loyal Crew member." Papa said. She folded her hands behind her back.

He asked Melody and Marie the same questions, they answer, 'We are loyal.' both times. But when he came to me, he came level with my height and asked, "And, Abigail, what makes you think your Mother will not find out?"

I peeked at my sisters. Marie started laughing full on. They were all at ease, giggling and making faces. "She's having a nap, sir," I said.

He stared at me for a moment and I thought might actually send me to my study when he smiled and kissed my head.

"Off you go, then. But be discreet."

We all ran out the door almost before he could finish the sentences.

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