Made: Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time: 11:35a.m


Who do you think you can fool?
You speak about ruling the world.

But face it, you're done;
Been kicked down and shun.

The world doesn't want you here now.

I think you once had a chance,
But now we all know that you can't.

Climbed up to the top,
Fell down with a flop.

Won't make it back up there again.

The false image you made cracked and broke.
Those oh-so-slick words made you choke.

You made one wrong turn;
Many more, now you're burned.

Nevermore will you feel it again.

The crowds won't remember your name.
You've lost yourself in your own game.

Believe it or not
I'm all that you've got:

A mirror that broke in your hands.