Thoughts of confusion

Tears of sadness

Eye's of Blood

Blood, Blood,

So much blood.

That boy… Why is he crying?

He doesn't, He can't, His lost. Why?

What are tears?

Can you hear me?

Where am i?

Please help,

Help me please,

There's so much of it.

What happened here?

Who is that boy?

What's happening?

Where is all this blood coming from?

Child doesn't cry…

Where are your parents?

Did something happen to them?

This blood… it's all over me.



Please help!

The boy is crying,

I can't help him,

I can't move,

I can't speak,

Why Can't I move or speak?

Everything's fading,

What's happening?

Please, someone, anyone,


You there please help,

Help the little boy,

Can you hear me?

Please help him,

His alone, I don't no where… his parents are,

Wait what are you doing?

Why are you covered in blood?

What are you doing!

That knife will scare the boy, his already crying,


Please leave him alone,

Don't… please no, no…

Why did you do that?

He didn't do anything,

He didn't have to die,

Where are you going?

Please don't leave us here,

Please don't, will die if you leave.


Boy where is your dad?

Can you hear me? Please tell me.

What are you pointing at?

Me!!! No I'm sorry… I don't know you.

I don't,


I don't remember…

Why am I crying?

I don't, I don't.

I'm sorry.