I don't hate you. I hate what you've become.

Every word you say, every thing you do sends my life into doldrums.

I try to find someone else to blame, I try to find some flaw in the facts.

But I'm forced to see your dark side; I can't deny the truth with the way you act.

There's evil and cruelty inside of you, sometimes it becomes visible.

Your aura is polluted, you stink of rotten lies, your name echoes trouble.

Your eyes don't show a tinge of emotion, your face shows no kindness.

I hate how you try to shatter your opponents, just to win this useless rat race.

You don't even hesitate to blurt harsh words; your eyes don't even flicker.

Every day I grow closer to opening my eyes to the truth, my faith in you grows weaker.

The veil is being lifted, the walls are being torn down, the darkness is getting thin.

I know that one day I am going to break free from this illusion I'm trapped in.

One day my heart will stop racing when I see you, my feelings will get numb.

I don't hate you. I hate what you've become.