Forgetting to Remember

She knows she's supposed to be upset
But please try to forgive her
Because this girl has decided to forget
How it feels to remember.

She's not content being left behind
To drown by herself in memories
She's decided now to save her mind
This girl wants only to be free

She's laying in the warmth of bed
Staring at the ceiling blankly
Could be thinking of him but instead
She finds she is not and frankly,

This was something long in the making.
She closes her eyes and goes to sleep
She's grown tired of simply mistaking
This for the "love" she dares to keep.

She's decided to let him do his own thing
She can't keep him on a leash anymore
But she doesn't feel pain at her heart wring
Or even the feelings she had before...

Because how to remember, she has lost
This knowledge to feelings of sadness and disdain
And all of the loneliness has finally cost
Her to forget how to feel freedom, and even pain.

She's become a numb figurine upon a stage
She quickly looks away from him and waves
Releasing her love from his rusted out cage
Knowing their love could never be saved.

Her eyes show nothing in their depths
Her heart beats in a monotonous tone
He can't see anything in her except
The blank nothingness she has shone

To be the result of all her time alone
When she used to stand loyally at the side
Waiting for him to return, she has grown
Into someone who has no feelings left to hide.

She smiles at him, but there is no emotion
She gives him a wave and sends him on his way
While his heart tears apart and his brain a commotion
Of thoughts of agony and dismay.

And he'll crawl to her feet
And he'll hold on tight, looking up with tearing eyes
Refusing to acknowledge his defeat
Refusing to let go but she can't hear his cries.

With a solitary tear running down her face
She'll pull away from him and turn around
Walking away to give him back his space
To him making not another little sound.

He'll lay on the ground in a broken heap
Never understanding why she had to go
Putting his head down as the heartbreak seeps
Into the depths of his soul, and then he'll know

That she was supposed to be upset
But he'll just have to forgive her
Because the poor girl seems to forget
What it's like to remember.