Sweet Dream Nightmare

"Open your eyes," the voice declares
In a voice sweet as symphony
He awakens to find her standing there
Just as real as she could ever be.

He blinks a few times at this girl
Standing before him just inches away
Inside her eyes is his whole wide world
And seeing her has just made his day.

He springs forward to grasp her tight
Bringing his loving arms to caress her so
Unbelieving she is there in sight
Refusing now to ever let her go...

He closes his eyes to fight back crying
Happy tears that had waited for so long...
Only to wake up in real life sighing
That again reality has proven him wrong.

The fact of the matter was, she was a dream
A mirage of a love so strong but far away
He blinks a few times, so real she had seemed!
But now he has to start his actual day.

He lays his head down in his bed
And curls up tightly facing one side
Closing his eyes tightly with tears to be shed
Such emotion he normally tried to hide...

But in this moment in time
He allows himself a chance to be weak
Figuring that it can't be much of a crime
If no one else is there of it to speak.

And after a while the tearshed ends
And the stinging begins to slow
He's back to normal once again
But the feeling never goes.

He cups his heart within his hand
As he stands up to face the day
Love being something he'll never understand
More tears of sorrow and dismay.

She comes to him in waves of visions
Because she cannot come to him in reality
Each dream becoming another incision
In his heart. And are they meant to be,

This young and unfortunate pairing
Love so strong it spans such distance
A connection, to them, worth sharing
Even if the cruelest, truest existence

Says that they will never be one
That their arms will never embrace...
Yet despite all the pain that's done
Together this young couple saves face

And continues to claim that fate will see
Them through until the very end...
Until they are finally together in reality,
They'll suffer this sweet dream nightmare again.