Halfway There

Did you see me when I fell
Off the weakest ledge of this cliff?
Did you see me landing in the swell,
Landing hard with body stiff?

When I reached out my hand
I found nothing but the air
Something I could not understand...
That you were only halfway there.

And finally you came for me—
At your convenience so it seemed—
You pulled me out the stormy sea
Of which all my demons thrived and teemed.

As we walk, oh constantly I fall
Tripping on untied shoelaces of woe
When I go to cry, it's for you I call
Only to wonder where you've had to go.

Then running up, your breath first you catch
Before you help me up off the ground.
I hide my tears while my wounds you patch
I smile at you but I make no further sound.

Sometimes in the night, a dream gives me fright
My heart will race; my body shudders cold...
But yet you've taken off on some other flight
I calm myself down with another story untold.

When the sun rises up way into the sky
You approach me and ask me what's wrong
Sometimes I tell you, and others I deny
Because I feel you should've been here all along.

When I get back upon my feet,
And when I learn once more to fly,
Will you be there to witness my faults' defeat,
Or will tears from a forgotten accomplishment be cried?

My heart pours out everything to you
Because I love you and I care.
But to my troubles please be full and true
Please don't leave me halfway there.