When It's Over

Tell me what it is I saw in you
I'm tired of hearing about where you are
When I'm nothing but black and blue
And you're thinking you're such a star...

Well open your eyes to the facts
It was over long ago, I buried our past
You're the one on our barren track
You're the one dying to make it last.

Don't pin on me all of the blame
That I'm the one who's still connected
Fuck your lies and fuck your games
You're the one who's been rejected

Can't you even bother to see
That you've fallen from your makeshift grace
It boils down to what you'll never be,
And in whose heart you no longer have a place.

You twisted around me just like a snake
You tricked me to follow you into the dark
You're nothing but the biggest mistake—
The poison rain that extinguished my spark.

What was important to me I nearly lost
At the expense of following your wicked ways
My heart's true love was the heaviest cost
That out of my pocket I nearly had to pay...

I wounded my soul with your nasty lies
I turned my back on what mattered most
I ignored all the pleas, all the cries
My whole world nearly became a ghost...

I nearly set my whole heart ablaze
Ruining everything that ever held hope
When you put me into this horrid haze...
Oh God, how ever did I manage to cope?

But I can say thanks to you for one thing
And that's you let me see that I was wrong,
That there is a love so pure that one can bring
A love that's pure, a love that's strong...

That stands through the tests of time
That weathers the most violent of the storms
It stood through the worst of my crimes
And never once lost its pristine form...

And as I look towards my future bright
I'll leave your memories in the earth
Writing in a poem the tale of love's plight—
Of finding out how much true love is really worth.