Your presence still haunts me in this park
But in a warm strange way.
I remember you were sitting down by me
When you drew my attention away from the clouds.

Since then our friendship had grown,
And we were just two girls,
But you weren't just an ordinary girl,
You meant more than a friend to me.

You caressed my hands,
And we held hands together
Gazing into each of our eyes,
And it was beauty you saw in mine.

But my gaze broke away from yours
When people who walked by gave us odious glares
At us two girls holding hands,
So I released my hand from yours.

You continued to hold my left hand,
And your gaze didn't break away from mine
You didn't care what they thought
Or what they whispered about us.

And ever since that day I have felt so ashamed
That I broke away from you
Just because I was afraid of them,
Just because I was afraid.

I returned a year ago to the very spot we stood together hand in hand.
I haven't seen you since,
But on the cement we had stood
I found a dried seedless dandelion sitting on the ground,
And when I picked it up,
It revealed our names written together in chalk.

I still love you.