That was subtle, huh? So, here are all of those warnings and stuff: this is a slash story, yaoi, boys love story, male romance, gay romance, homrom, whatever you want to call it. In other words, it has two male characters who have sex with each other.

Here is a quick summary: Mitch is in a committed relationship with his wife Kelly. He has two kids, Trish and Michael, one of which is having teenage troubles. Mitch meets a guy through his line of work, and they end up having more than lunch and discussions about computers. See, don't you understand why my summary says something else?

Oh, and if you're wondering, there is a reason for the sex in the first chapter. That scene is actually important later in the story.


Chapter One

"That was incredible." Mitch rolled over onto his side to kiss his lover after an hour of heated passion and sex. He must have come at least five times, if not more, in that time alone, a feat that he had not accomplished since his teenage years.

"Yeah," Daniel said. He dragged the cool washcloth along the younger man's body. That was not to say that he was old; he was, in fact, only two and a half years older. Mitch shivered in response to Daniel's subtle teasing.

"That was better than my wife times ten."

"Do I give better head?"

"Well…" Mitch thought about it. "My wife hasn't given me head since our honeymoon." Except for that one time for their fifth anniversary, and she had ended up gagging on him and now they both pretended it had never happened.

"Who do you love more?" Daniel rolled on top of Mitch and pinned his hands over his head in a loose but firm grip, a cruelly mocking stance.

He wasn't quite sure how to answer this, as he and Daniel had not exchanged 'I love yous' except in the heat of sex and orgasms. "I… love... but I still… don't you think this is kind of an odd topic? Are you jealous of someone who can't even get me hard with their body?" He tried to wriggle out of his grasp but Daniel was strong and demanding.

"What would she think if she knew that her foxy-in-bed husband was actually the submissive one?" he said lowly. They were silent as they pondered that. That was a good thing; if they had been louder they would have missed the crunch of gravel outside as Kelly pulled into the driveway. It was already six pm, and somehow Mitch had not noticed that.

"Fuck!" Adrenaline aided Mitch in pushing Daniel aside. "That's her!" He grabbed Daniel's suit and threw it to him, and then he hurriedly started to put on his own clothes.

"Honey?" she called from downstairs. "I'm home."

"Uh, yeah." Mitch raced into the hallway and leaned over the banister. He didn't realize that he was half-naked, but neither did she; she was preoccupied with helping the kids out of their jackets. "I'll be right down. I, um, I have a client."

"Well, invite him to dinner. We're having pasta."

Mitch ran back into the bedroom and hurriedly buttoned up his shirt and added a belt to his ensemble. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he mumbled as he yanked the covers up in a vain attempt to neaten the bed. Thankfully they had not soiled the covers, but he was sure it reeked like sex in the bedroom. He sprayed air freshener, one of those flowery kinds that Kelly liked, around the room, and then he gave himself a dash of cologne and sprayed Daniel with some. "Uh, Daniel, my wife wants to know if you would like to stay for dinner. You're my client, by the way." He spun around to give a cursory glance around the room to make sure that nothing was obviously out of place. He grabbed the bottle of lube lying on its side and shoved it under the mattress.

Daniel grinned at Mitch's anxious state and said, "I'd love to stay for dinner. I'm dying to meet my competition." Looking into the mirror, he adjusted his tie motioned for Mitch to come nearer. "You can't go to dinner looking like that," he murmured. He came over, and Daniel picked Mitch's tie, arbitrarily lying on the ground, up and helped him with it. "Give me a quick kiss." He held the tie in his fist so that Mitch would not be able to move until he obeyed.

Mitch hesitantly obeyed, since he did not want to know what would happen if he didn't. He must have gotten too caught up in it, because soon Daniel was pushing him back with a light chuckle. "Sorry," said Mitch. We, uh, should wash our hands first." They washed their hands in the master bathroom where they had fucked the first time, and Mitch led the way down the stairs nervously; was it obvious what they had just been doing?

"Hi, Daddy!" Trish, their four year old daughter, screamed.

"Hi, honey!" Mitch picked her up and spun her around, careful not to hit anything and break it, especially Daniel. "How was preschool?"

"Fun! We finger paint!"

Mitch smiled at her incorrect verb tense of 'paint.' It was great how happy their daughter was. "That's great! Where's Michael?"

"'m right here." A dark, not in colour but in aura, boy trudged into the foyer. "Hey, Dad." Ever since starting high school, he had been withdrawn and boring.

"Hi, Mikey. How was your day?" He tried to smile but found that the most he could do was pull up the corners of his mouth, looking more like a hyena yawning.

"First of all, it's Mike or Michael. Don't call me Mikey. I'm not five years old anymore. Second of all, why do you care how my day was? They're all the same: I wake up, go to school, and stay in those stupid kid programs until Mom or you pick me up." Glaring out from under his long hair, he crossed his arms and stuck his lip out in a moody pout.

"Er, okay." He was taken aback by this attitude, to say the least. He knew better than reprimand him for it, unless he wanted to be snapped at. "I can pick you up, instead, if you want." Mitch silently prayed that he would say no.

He did, but not in the way he expected. "Fuck, no. Nobody's dad picks them up anymore. That's for kids. Why can't you just let me walk home or something? I don't care if you're not home."

Right now would be a good time for a Parent's Reference Book. All caps, because that would be the title of it, a plain and simple title that would catch the eyes of every adult. Never had he had to deal with swearing from Michael. He forgot for a moment that he cared if he was home, because if he was, he'd probably be fucking his 'client.' He lowered his voice and said, "Um, Mike, I don't think it's a good idea to swear in front of Trish, okay?"

Instead of saying okay, he just rolled his eyes and stomped upstairs. "Call me when dinner's ready," he shouted over his shoulder.

"I don't think I will," Mitch snapped back. "Not the way you're behaving in front of a guest." Michael turned and opened his mouth like he was going to say something, probably mean, but then he continued up the stairs, landing his feet heavily on each step. Mitch turned to Daniel and said, "I'm sorry. He's not usually this…"


"Yeah. Moody." He led the way into the kitchen and kissed his wife on the cheek and set Trish down on a chair. "How was your day, Kell?"

"It was good. How was yours?"

"Good. Ah, this is Daniel."

"Nice to meet you, Daniel." She wiped her hands on a kitchen towel to shake his hand and smiled tiredly. "I'm Kelly."

"Ah, thanks for inviting me to stay for dinner, Kelly," said Daniel, putting on an award-winning charmer's smile of someone who was not in a illegitimate relationship with someone's husband.

"Oh, anytime."

"Michael isn't coming to dinner," Mitch said, taking four plates from the cupboard.

"Yes, I heard," Kelly remarked dryly. She added a pinch of salt to the boiling pot.

As Mitch got four forks, Daniel wiped the table clean. "Thanks, but you don't have to do that," Mitch said hurriedly.

"It's fine." Daniel smirked; it was understood that there would be payment to be made later.

"Daddy, why isn't Michael coming to dinner?" asked Trish. Picture blond curls falling back as she looked up with at her father with wide, curious, blue eyes and an open cherry red mouth.

"Um, he said a bad word. He's being punished," he said shortly. He pulled out four cups, and thankfully Trish didn't question further. "Daniel, what would you like to drink? We have—"

"Water's fine."

"Sure. Okay. Kelly? Trish?"


"Wa-tuh please!"

Mitch set the cups on the counter and pulled out the water pitcher from the refrigerator and poured four drinks. He thought he would be able to carry all four cups to the table at once (stupid really, seeing as his days as a waiter were long gone), but he ended up dropping a cup when his left hand cramped. "Shit!" he cursed, setting down the other glasses and quickly grabbing a bunch of napkins to clean the spill before it got too large. It was a chance of luck that the glasses were plastic. Kelly turned, but Daniel had already crouched beside him and had begun to help mop up the spilt water.

Trish started to bang her fork on the table and she sang a song, something about a spider, probably what she had learned in school. It provided a nice cover for Mitch and Daniel.

"You said a bad word," he murmured so that only Mitch could hear. "You're going to have to be punished."

"Later," he whispered nervously. Daniel nodded and stood, offering a hand to Mitch, which he took. He squeezed his hand as a reminder of his strength. "Thank you," he said. He tossed out the wasted towels, washed his hands and the cup, and refilled it, placing it in front of Trish. "Big girl cup, okay?"

"Uh-huh!" Anything to be considered an adult, nowadays.

"Watch out, honey," said Kelly, carrying a hot pot of pasta over to the sink. Mitch moved just in time and she strained the pasta before returning it to the pot on the stove. She served the spaghetti and sauce into the plates.

Mitch sat beside Trish and Daniel sat beside him. "Thank you," they both said to Kelly as she set the plates down. Mitch tilted his head up to kiss her on the cheek. He was feeling majorly guilty, eating dinner with both his wife and his lover.

Dinner could not have been more awkward. They talked about small stuff, like what they did that day (Trish again told them about finger painting and Kelly complained about her boss while Mitch and Daniel stayed silent and nodded) and other kinds of small talk.

"So, what do you do, Daniel?" asked Kelly.

"I do Mi—"

Mitch elbowed him.

"I mean, I'm a teacher and an assistant principal. I'm looking into buying new computers for the school, hence my visiting. This is some really delicious pasta, by the way," he said. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Mitch sucking in a strand and licking his sauce-covered fingers.

"Oh, it's just out of a cookbook. Now, Mitch's family recipe, that's really delicious."

"Oh?" Daniel glanced sideways at Mitch and raised an eyebrow at him. "Maybe I'll get the honour of eating your food sometime, Mitch."

"Yeah," he mumbled. "After all, food is the way into a man's heart. Or wallet."

Everyone laughed, and the tension was momentarily broken. They were starting to finish the meal, and Mitch stood to do the dishes. Daniel followed his lead.

"You don't—" Mitch started.

"It is fine," he interrupted. He scrubbed a plate and then handed it to Mitch to dry. He lowered his voice and murmured, "Better hurry up."

Mitch nearly dropped the plate. A shiver ran down his spine. "Yes, sir."

They finished washing in record time and they tripped over each other's heels as they ran up the stairs. They pushed and shoved into Mitch's study and Daniel said, "Don't you have a presentation for me?"

"Two presentations, actually." Mitch shut the door, barely stopping himself from slamming it, and turned the lock. He turned on the volume of his computer all the way and set it to play a playlist of presentations of different computer types. There was no way that they would risk being heard, even if the room was supposedly soundproof. (He had learned from late-night masturbation that it was not.)

"The types of computers that Vertex offers are optimal compared to that of larger companies. We have desktops, laptops, and tablets perfect for presentations..."

He started his own 'presentation,' now, a strip show. His pants went first, and then his shirt and tie, and finally his socks and underwear.

"You've been a naughty boy, haven't you?" Daniel asked in a rough voice. He went to stand behind Mitch, his front pressed again Mitch's back and his arms wrapped around to hold Mitch's hands in front of him. A gentle knee nudged Mitch toward the desk. He was bent over it, hands pinned slightly above his head. "You still haven't answered me, boy. Have you been bad?"

"Y-yes, sir," Mitch whimpered. He squeezed his eyes closed as he felt Daniel reach between his legs to stroke him.

"Do you like that?"

"Yes, sir."

His hand lashed out and caught Mitch in the shoulder. He let out a low groan and Daniel pulled a whip out of his jacket inside pocket. He ran it down Mitch's back, down through his crack, barely brushing against the back of his scrotum. Mitch automatically arched and his breath caught in his throat.

"Shh," Daniel whispered as Mitch started to make keening sounds. With sudden force, he brought the whip down on Mitch's arse. Mitch screamed. Daniel laughed. "Not too loud, now."

"The hard drive of the Ixion is designed specially for those who are rough with their belongings. It can be hit, dropped, or thrown at the velocity of fifty kilometres per hour, and it won't break. That's a really hard hard drive."

Daniel flicked his wrist again, this time hitting his lower back with the whip. "Unh!" Mitch cried out. "Ah! Ough! Ngh! M-more! Harder, faster!" he huffed. Sweating, Mitch was taken short of full sentences.

"More? Harder? Faster?"

"Y-yes, sir!"

Daniel went harder and faster. "You like it, don't you?" There was a smirk in his voice.

"Y-yes, sir! I, unh, I want you inside of me now. I n-need, agh! I need you inside me. Ngh!"

"Where are your manners, honey?"

"I n-need, ngh, you inside me n- ah- now, please, sir!"

The whip was immediately abandoned and Daniel stripped of his clothes. He kissed along Mitch's backside, making sure to kiss every red mark. He reached his arse and his tongue flicked out to rim him.

The spaghetti turned in Mitch's stomach. "Oh my God," he gasped, clutching the desk. Papers fell off the other side, but he didn't care. "Fuck me!"

"Are you ready?"

"I'm still open from earlier."

Daniel placed his hands on Mitch's slim hips and ground against his ass. Without any warning, Daniel thrust his hips forward and his cock went straight into Mitch's lovely hole. "My God, even stretched, you're still tight," he groaned.

"Ngh!" Mitch screamed in reply. He was enjoying the rocking horse motions of Daniel, because his prostate was being hit each time. "Agh! Na!"

Daniel leaned forward and took the other boy's mouth with his own, strangling all of his gurgles. "Do you want to come?"

Mitch couldn't speak, so he just nodded his head slightly.

Daniel started to stroke him, and he angled his hips to better pleasure his lover. "You're a good boy."

"Daniel!" Mitch screamed as he came.

"Mitch!" Daniel answered en route to orgasm.

When they were finished, they lay against the desk, trying to catch their breaths. Daniel moved first. He put his clothes back on and said, "That was a good presentation."

"I agree," Mitch said, smiling. He reached for his clothes as well, and they went into the hall together after the computer presentation was stopped. "Do you need to wash up?" he whispered.

Daniel shook his head. "I've imposed long enough. I'd better get home."

"All right." Mitch led his secret lover to the door. "Good night. I hope you choose Vertex Technologies."

"You have one nice hard drive," Daniel said winking. Mitch might have imagined it, but it sounded an awful lot like, "You have one nice, hard drive."

"Thank you. Give me a call once you reach your decision."

"That should be sometime tomorrow."

"Great!" He lowered his voice and whispered, "Lunch?"

"Meet me at the Tex Cafe," Daniel said quietly. Kelly came into view and he said, "Thank you so much for inviting me. You're a great cook and a lovely woman. If not for Mitch..." He didn't finish the sentence, because of reasons that were obvious to Mitch and Daniel.

"Oh, you flatter me! It was a pleasure to have you. Come around anytime, especially if you're going to buy from Mitchell." Kelly smoothed her hair back from her face, obviously trying to impress Daniel. She did not yet realise that he was gay, nor would she have liked it if she knew.

"Yes, thank you. I'll be on my way now. Good bye, Mitch, Kelly."

"Bye, Daniel." Mitch closed the door behind their guest. He leaned in for a kiss from Kelly. It made him feel a little guilty, going from sex with Daniel to kissing with Kelly. However, it was not as bad as separation, in Mitch's opinion, because he had kids, and abandoning kids was high on his list of biggest sins.

"Mm... you seem to have gotten better at this. Have you been practising?" she murmured huskily.

"Only on you," he teased. He touched and felt his way up the stairs into the bedroom. With shock, he realised that the whip was still on the ground in the study, and he laughed at the thought. He would have to fix that later.

"What's so funny?"

"I was just thinking about our honeymoon."

"Oh? Would you like a re-enactment?"

"Hell yeah."

Well, it was a true statement. He would like a re-enactment, just from Daniel...


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