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Understanding You

One ring.

Two rings.

Three rings.

'Pick up, Pick up, Pick up…' Kris scowled as she tapped irritably on the metal outdoor chair.

Four rings.

Five rings.

Six rings.

And once again his voicemail Kris rolled her eyes as she slammed her cell phone shut, sitting back in the metal chair she tried to pretend the two girls sitting across from her weren't staring her down. Her friend Rachel grinned.

"He didn't pick up again did he?" She asked.

Kris ignored her as she twirled her long black hair between her fingers. Gina smirked and leaned over closer to Rachel, "See I told you those white boys can't be trusted."


"Girl I don't know what you see in him. I mean, like, he ain't even your type."

Gina snorted "I can't believe how long they've been dating; I swear I didn't think ya'll would make it through the first week."

"He's nice and all," Rachel continued "It's just he's soooo um…"

"Nerdy, white, scrawny, lame?" Gina pressed "Need me to go on?"

"No" Rachel said giving the girl a playful glare. "Kris sweetie, I just don't think he's very trusting is all."


"What I don't understand is why him of all people? And so suddenly it's not as if all the brothas have been taken ya know!" Said Gina.

"I mean, you said it yourself Kris the boy does have a rough past." Continued Rachel "Right at this very moment while he's ignoring your phone calls who know what he could be doing."

"What are you trying to say?" Asked Gina "That he's cheating on her!?"

"Shhhhh! Gina why you gotta be so loud!" Cried Rachel as she looked frantically around them at the people who gave the girls questioning looks. They sat in front of a small café at one of the outdoor tables and chairs left out for the customers who wanted to sit out in the late afternoon sun.

Gina looked thoughtful for a moment then

"Nah that boy wouldn't cheat on her he probably doesn't even know what to do with a girl," She smirked at Kris, "right Kris."

Kris fumed then silently said "Actually Gina, I'll have you know that from personal experience, Steven knows exactly what to do with a girl."

Gina grinned "Ooohhh, so that's why you keep him around huh?"

Rachel's mouth dropped "Kris you didn't… I mean did you!?"

Kris had a pretty light brown complexion so it wasn't always easy to tell when she was blushing but her refusal to look at her friends and keep her head down made it pretty obvious.

"Okay," Gina said almost in a professional sort of way "fess up, tell us everything."

"Like what!?" Kris asked incredulously.

"What do you mean 'like what' like what he does, how long he lasts, how big he is, -"

"How what!!?" demanded Kris standing so suddenly she almost knocked the small table over.

"What the hell does that have to do with you!?"

"What are you getting so upset about," asked Gina with her smirk back in place "I told you mine."

Kris fumed a little longer "But it's not like anybody asked you to." She said quietly.

The girls sat in silence for a moment longer before Gina said "So that bad, huh."

"No! It is not!"

"Then what?"

"Come on Gina, she don't have to tell us." Said Rachel though she looked back at Kris expectantly.

Kris looked down at her hands, embarrassed, not knowing where to start,

"Well um…he's very…uh…"

The girls leaned in closer,

"This isn't something you force people to discus you bitches!!!"

Rachel laughed but lowered her head as she noticed everyone turning to look at them again; Gina just leaned back in her chair with a Cheshire's cat grin on her face. Kris glared at her so called friends until the sound of someone clearing their throat caught the girl's attention. They turned to find a boy standing there with short black hair covered by a black baseball cap in his hands he held a small grocery bag he stared at the girls nervously before giving an unsure smile.

Rachel smiled back "Hey Steven, what's up."

"Yeah," Gina chimed, "We were just talking about you."

"Really?" He asked looking from Gina, to Rachel, to Kris who refused to meet his gaze. "Is that what all the screaming was about?"

"Well" said Gina "We, as in me and Rachel here, were just wondering-"

"Gina!!!" cried Kris,

"About you and Kris's relationship." Finished Gina with a mean smirk.

Steven blushed slightly as he looked from Gina to Kris and back again "Really?"

He asked unsurely, past experiences taught him to never trust with anything Gina said.

"Yep," Gina answered happily, "You see we were just wondering how you perform-"

"Ok, ok, ok, ok!" yelled Kris drowning out Gina's voice then trying desperately to calm herself she continued in a strained voice, "Girls I think me and Steven need to talk, so if you don't mind…"

Rachel and Gina looked at each other, both with knowing smirks before slowly getting up,

"I'll call you later tonight, girl." Said Rachel as she grabbed her purse. Gina said nothing but she did give Kris a mischievous smile that promised they would finish this conversation later one way or another. Kris ignored this as she twirled the remains of her cooling latte around with a coffee stick. Steven only smiled uneasily at the girls as he passed by them to sit next to Kris. The two girls smiled back but continued to talk quietly amongst themselves as they got further down the street and it was easy to tell what they were talking about since they kept turning to look at the couple and giggle. Steven placed the small grocery bag on the ground next to him, leaning forward he rested his forearms against the table as he watched the girls retreating backs.

Steven never really liked Kris's friends they were okay and all but every time they were around he would always catch them staring at him strangely or whispering to each other and snickering at whatever was being said. Though truth be told it was never any better between Kris and his friends. The way they would look at Kris you'd think they never saw a black girl before, and to make matters worse was the fact that Kris was very,…gifted with certain parts of the body and more than once he'd catch a friends wandering eye. They'd ask him certain things about what it was like having a black girlfriend and every time he'd just brush of the question with a shrug saying,

"Same as having any other girlfriend, I guess."

But they always believed there was something Steven wasn't telling them so they'd always asked again. The questions did bother him but the only time he really got mad was when he had refused yet again to answer another stupid question from the guys and his friend James had said,

"Come on man, we know there's something you ain't telling us. I mean it's not like we're asking you how she is in bed or anything, we already know she's a freak, jungle fever and all." He finished with a grin.

In two seconds flat Steven had him on the ground and James had been supporting a bloody nose, he hadn't talked to him since. In truth it made him uneasy, with it seeming like the whole world had their relationship under a magnifying glass but he was never one to let anybody persuade him to do anything he didn't want to do and being with Kris, to him, felt right. He continued watching the two girls till they were completely out of sight then he sighed and leaned back comfortably against the chair.

Kris ,who had been watching him closely, smiled to see him relax she loved how whenever away from their friends questioning looks he could easily be himself again. Remembering that she was supposed to be mad at him she quickly wiped the smile from her face and asked

"So how come it took you so long to get here?"

It was then Steven turned to look at Kris, the question sounded innocent enough but it was practically dripping with malice, one wrong answer and he was a dead man.

"The bus was slow getting here." He answered slowly.

"Really? Because the bus ride from your house to here is only like, what, two stops."

Steven raised a brow as he began racking his brain for anything wrong that he had done as of lately but he drew up a blank.

"I had company over when you first called so…"

"What company!?"

Kris asked suddenly, eyes blazing; she glared angrily at the boy as Gina's words rang loudly in her ear.

'What are you trying to say!? That he's cheating on her!?'

Kris had never really met any of Steven's ex-girlfriends but he still kept pictures of some of them, the ones he was still friends with any way, they weren't gorgeous but they were pretty…and white of course. Once when she was at the mall she had seen Steven with one of them, Lindsey she thinks was her name. She was going to talk to them but something had stopped her, it was the way they looked, the way they talked, the way they just looked so damn happy and so damn … perfect together. She didn't even bother letting herself be noticed, just stormed her way back home. She didn't mean to get angry with him she knew that they were friends and nothing more but at that moment a forbidden image came to mind one of him and that Lindsey girl an image she really didn't want to have in her head.

'So that's why he was late huh?'

Steven stared at Kris incredulously,

"Me and some of the guys were watching the game. What's wrong with you?"

Kris narrowed her eyes dangerously,

"What's wrong with me!? What's wrong with you! You're girlfriend calls wanting to spend quality time with you and you want to sit on your ass watching a stupid football game with a bunch of guys?!"

Steven wondered for a second if that was a rhetorical question or not but since she continued watching him with a murderous expression he assumed not.

"I'm here now aren't I?"

"Obviously, not because you want to be here! So why don't I make this easy for you, go back to your little boyfriends and watch your stupid game, I don't give a damn!" And with that said she quickly stood up grabbed her hand bag and stormed off. Steven rolled his eyes but quickly grabbed his bag and stood to follow her.

"Hey can I have an explanation here!?"

Kris said nothing.

"Why the hell are you so mad?"

"I'm not mad," she said then turning to face him added "I'm pissed the fuck off now leave me alone!!!"

Kris continued on for a few more blocks in her horrid rage until gradually she began to slow down and gradually she began to realize she had no idea where she was going. Her main plot had been to escape that idiot but as time passed and her temper began to cool down she found that she didn't really care that he was still only a few steps away from her. Though she'd never admit it she was secretly happy he had followed her.

Finally he spoke up "Kris, where are you going?"

Kris walked a couple steps more before stopping near light post which was flickering on and off because of the oncoming dusk.

"I don't know…" she answered honestly.

Taking off his baseball cap he ran his hand through his short hair,

"Kris…" he moaned exasperatedly causing her heart beat to speed up.

"You wanna tell me what's wrong?"

"…Not really no…" She couldn't tell him what was wrong because in truth she didn't know herself.

"Oh…" He answered nervously as he shuffled his feet "Are you uh… ya know…on your period?"

She then turned to him "No I am not!!" She snapped angrily causing Steven to jump.

Looking down at her hands she said "I've just been doing a lot of thinking lately."


"…Us." She answered silently.

Steven watched her closely before giving a low chuckle "This have anything to do with Rachel and Gina?"

Kris furrowed her brow "It's not just them, It's just … I don't know…why are we together?..."

The last part she asked so quietly he almost didn't hear her. Silence followed then he asked,

"You want out?"

Kris's eyes widened that's not what she had meant. She opened her mouth to tell him so but nothing came out. Steven continued to watch her carefully before saying,

"Tell me Kris, you wanna break up?"

Again she tried to answer but again nothing came out. Steven looked to the ground then back at her,

"Maybe you should take a moment to think about it." He mumbled as he turned to leave.

Feeling tears well up in her eyes she cried out "Steven!"

Kris watched as he continued walking so she called out again but this time her voice shook, which may have been the only reason he slowed to a stop.

"I don't wanna break up…" She mumbled "Don't go…" she finished silently as the few tears began making their way down.

That was all he needed to hear as he made his way back quickly to her and embraced her in a tight hug, saying nothing he just held her. Wipping her few tears she took in a shaky breath then leaned back to look up at him,

"I don't understand…why you chose me…" she said quietly "It's just something that I've been thinking about lately…since I'm nothing like the girls you've dated before."

"Well I don't understand why you chose me either." Steven answered honestly wipping away a stray tear that she had missed.

"I don't…understand a lot of things," He said slowly as if picking out his words carefully, "But what I do understand is that after your little girl talks your never quite sure what you want."

Kris looked away in slight shame "It's not my fault my friends are idiots." She grumbled.

Steven smirked "I understand that almost nothing is ever your fault." He said teasingly.

Kris rolled her eyes "That's cause nothing ever is." She said hotly.

"I understand how very vain you can be at times."

"Steven." She said threateningly

He grinned and pulling her close whispered in her ear "I understand that whenever you're angry …or …thinking of something very naughty your eyes smolder to a darker brown."

Kris felt her face light up as his breath tickled her ear she quickly pushed herself away from him since her being pressed up against him wasn't helping her stay mad at him. She glared at him with clenched fists trying to make her heart beat slow down.

"Don't lie you idiot!!"

Still grinning he pulled up the grocery bag he had been holding and pulled out a plastic box,

"Here." He said.

She looked suspicious as she asked "What is it?"

"I understand that whenever you're pissed off nothing makes you feel better than slice of chocolate cake." He said in a nonchalant kind of way.

Instantly her face lit up to a surprising happiness,

"Is that German chocolate cake!?" She asked quickly taking the box from him.

"Is that the right kind?" He asked scratching the back of his head uncertainly.

She looked back up at him her whole demeanor having changed as she smiled happily at him

"How'd you know? When'd you get it? You had this the whole time and you didn't say anything!? You jerk!!"

Steven stared at her wondering how the hell it was possible to go from angry, to happy, to angry again in under 20 seconds.

"I don't know… the first time you called you just kinda seemed upset so before I met up with you I stopped by the store and picked it up for you." He ended with a shrug and smiled.

Kris stared up at him in wonderment because she was pretty certain that no one else knew how much she loved German cake, had she told him before? Or had he seen her get one of the times they went to the store together? She wasn't sure.

But she believed that it was at this moment she started to understand them just a little bit better.

Coming close to him she placed her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him down to kiss her pushing herself against him she slide her tongue across his lower lip to ask for entrance. He allowed himself to get lost in the kiss as he brought one of hands to rest on her hips and his other hand to get tangled in her hair. Then slowly but surely she broke the kiss with a small smile. However Steven wasn't done yet as he leaned in to kiss her again but Kris pushed him away then grinned slyly at him.

"I think I'm gonna go home and eat my cake now." She said.

Steven frowned but looked to notice that, except for the street light they stood under, it was now completely pitch black,

"Yeah I guess your mom and dad will be worrying about ya, huh." He said as he once again took of his cap to run his hands through his hair something he did out of frustration.

"My mom's working late tonight, and my dad's outta town." Said Kris with her sly grin still in place.

Steven stared at her as he began to put two and two together.

"Steven," She called softly "You wanna share my cake?" She asked in a very suggestive tone.

Slowly but surely a grin formed on Stevens face that matched Kris's own sly one. And slowly but surely he watched as her light brown eyes turned to a sultry dark brown.

* End *

Lol re-reading this remindd me that Steven's character had been inspired by an old boss I use to have a crush hair...always wearing baseball caps...cute as sin...oh yeah, I remember. haha!=D