A group of kids gathered in the cafeteria observing the area in which they were instructed to build a haunted house. It was the school's gymnasium. There was about twenty or twenty five kids. It was a large space, with bright red and blue bleachers that could be pulled out. It was about 2:00, school had been let out but only the clubs were in session. The school's Community Club was in charge of the school's haunted house. The club focused on helping out the area, this time the money made from the haunted house would go to the nearby children's hospital for research.

"We have seven hours tomorrow to get this gym to be the scariest maze of fear this town's ever seen." Mrs. Roberts was saying. "You're allowed to miss four classes tops, with the permission of your teachers. I need their signatures on loose-leaf and it needs to be handed in when you miss the last class."

"Mrs. Roberts, is it okay if I say something?" Tim, the president of the club, had asked.

"Of course Tim." Mrs. Roberts said.

Tim, the tall blond haired muscular boy stepped in front of us all. He smiled, gave a nervous wave and cleared his throat.

"Alright everyone we have seven hours tomorrow and as president I'm going to miss all of my classes and spend the day helping you all. I'm going to set up the frame for the house and it'll be your job to decorate the insides. It's going to take a lot of work and you're going to be exhausted, but seeing all the kids from town going through the house is going to be worth it." Tim said proudly.

"I'd just like to give you today's agenda before I back off. Today what I need is to get all of the materials into this Gym. I have the walls in my pick-up truck, and boxes of decorations are in my classroom. Everyone's aware that tomorrow you have to look scary. No princesses or kittens. Even if you're working the lines." Mrs. Roberts said. "Oh and before I forget, this is all up to you guys. You can't go wrong. Do whatever you want with the decorations."

A group of girls went with Mrs. Roberts up to her room to grab some decorations, meanwhile a some of the guys went over to Tim who was handing out jobs.

"Noah, I need you to grab some friends and head over to Mrs. Roberts' car and start unloading the walls. Their foam so it's not too heavy. Get about…four guys together and you'll be set. Grab about six walls at a time." Tim said to thin boy with Buddy Holly glasses and shaggy brown hair.

Noah nodded and grabbed his four guys and they went out the gym doors. The girls arrived with brown cardboard boxes in their arms overflowing with cobwebs, bloody knives, scary masks, heads, bats, skeletons, and many other horror items. They placed the boxes by the door and took out all of the lights.

As the girls sat in a circle testing the Halloween lights to make sure that they still worked from previous years before. The boys began taping the floors, creating some kind of an outline for the walls. The girls Mrs. Roberts had ordered pizza since they were staying for a while, so as she went to go get the pizza some of the kids fell off task.

A thin and pale girl sat in the circle with her friends. She wore a floral baby doll top with a blue cardigan. Her long hair with loose curls was pushed back with a headband. She worked as a team with another girl whose straight blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing a red lifeguard sweatshirt. The girl in red sat at the outlet plugging and unplugging the lights while the pale girl checked all the light bulbs.

A tall and muscular boy walked over to the girls. He wore a black shirt and had shaggy brown straight hair. He walked over to the girls and wrapped his arms around the pale girl. She jumped, startled by the strange hands wrapped around her.

"Geez Josh you almost gave me a heart attack!" she shouted as she placed her hand on her chest over her heart.

"Sorry babe." He said kissing her cheek.

"Oh look at you two, you're just the most adorable couple in the school!" one of the girls shouted.

The pale girl blushed and hid her face shyly. "Thanks guys."

Josh took his arms off her and he went back to setting up the walls. The blonde girl moved closer to the pale one.

"So, tomorrow's the big three years?" The blonde asked.

"Yep" the other girl said happily.

"Well, I am your best friend, and you both are like so private with your relationship. I'm just curious, are you doing anything special?"

"Jen!" the girl shrieked and turned red.

"Sorry, sorry, just wondering." Jen said backing off.

They carried the boxes of working lights over to the other decorations and discarded the broken ones.

At the end of the club's meeting everyone went out to the buses or their cars. Jennifer walked with a group of girls from the circle from before over to their buses, Josh and his girlfriend walked to his car, and Tim walked with his younger brother to their house down the road.

Tim and his brother arrived at their house about ten minutes after they had left. Their routine was to get to the house, make themselves dinner, and get their homework done before their parents got home from work. They had a strict schedule and never broke it.

Tim walked into his white kitchen, everything was white, which was a curse when the pasta sauce spilled or chocolate syrup dribbled onto the floor. He searched through the pantry and pulled out pasta. He boiled the water and cooked the pasta. As he did so he cleaned up the kitchen and started his homework. Once the pasta was done he and his brother ate and did their homework.

"Hello!" a sweet loving voice called from the doorway.

"We're in the kitchen." They said simultaneously.

"Hi guys! How are you?" a chubby woman said.

"We're good mom." Tim's younger brother Jeff said.

"Your father's working late again tonight so it looks like it's just us." She said cheerfully. "Oh you made dinner, you boys are so sweet. Thank you."

She kissed the top of their heads and hugged them.

"So how was school?" she asked

All of them began their discussion of how the day had gone.

Jennifer rode the bus home. Her parents didn't trust her enough to let her borrow a car, so she listened to her iPod and zoned out for the ride. Her bus "friends" weren't really friends and she didn't care too much for them. The bus was still in the parking lot, they had about two more minutes before it left. She dreaded waiting for those lazy kids to get on the bus, but she did her Chemistry homework as she waited.

"Wait, don't go." A deep voice said just as the bus was about to close the door.

A tall boy, with brown hair and a button up shirt got onto the bus. He only carried his backpack, which was slung over one shoulder. He searched around the bus for a seat but spotted Jennifer.

"Mind if I sit?" he asked.

She shook her head, "Go ahead."

"Kyle." He said smiling and extended his hand for her to shake.

"Jennifer, Jen for short." She said taking it awkwardly.

"I've seen you before. You're in that community club right?" he asked.

She nodded, "yeah are you in it?"

"I normally am, I missed today's meeting. I had extra help for Chem." He said.

He looked down at the paper she was working on.

"How ironic." He said noticing that she was working on chemistry.

She laughed, the bus had been traveling for a while, and her stop was coming up.

"Well, this is my stop." Kyle said, "I'll see you around, maybe you could tutor me for chemistry or something."

"Yeah, maybe." Jen said giving a slight smile.

He waved goodbye and walked down to his house. Jennifer walked into her house and shut the door behind her. She dropped her backpack and kicked her shoes off.

"I'm home!" she shouted throughout the foyer. "If anyone cares." She muttered afterwards.

She walked down the hall into the open kitchen, it was a very bright room, lots of windows. Left on the table was a note written in sharpie.

Working late hours, won't be back 'till 11. Don't forget, dad's picking you up tomorrow night so be ready to go to his house

Jennifer sighed and opened the refrigerator she pulled out a Vitamin Water and sat down at the table. She rested her head on the table. It was going to be a long and boring night.

Josh and his girlfriend sat in Josh's car at a stoplight. One of his hands was on the steering wheel, the other held his girlfriend's hand. The music was playing very quietly, so they could talk with ease.

"So you know what tomorrow is?" Josh asked.

"Of course I do!" she said.

"It's our three year anniversary." He said.

"I know! Can you believe it's been three years?" She whispered.

"I know how have I not gone insane? Three years with you!? Man was that tough…" Josh said jokingly.

"Hey!" she shouted.

"I'm kidding Maddie, you know I love you." He said and kissed her hand.

"It just kind of sucks that we have to spend it working at a haunted house." He said

"Well, there's always afterwards." She said.

"Oh, it's a good thing you said that." He said relieved.

"Why?" she asked curiously.

"Well, I just may have a few surprises up my sleeve." He mumbled happily.

Maddie smiled, "you're the greatest ever."

"I love you." He said.

"I love you too." She whispered.

They pulled into the driveway of Maddie's house. It was a large two floor house, painted green with black shutters and a black door. They both got out of the car and went inside.

"Hello?" Maddie called as she entered the house, Josh followed close behind.

"No response." Josh whispered happily.

"Yeah yeah, don't get your hopes up yet, she might be downstairs." Maddie said as she went to the basement stairs.

"Mom?" She called from the top of the stairs.

When nobody answered they went to the living room, sat on the couch and began making out.