She found the lipstick on his shirt. It wasn't curved into a bodacious kiss, but small smudge. And it wasn't on his collar any area around his neck, but close by the second button down. He held her as she cried and screamed.

He just said, "It's yours." Over and over, occasionally adding on, "I must've left it in the bathroom and some of your make-up got on it." After about an hour of this cycle, she calmed down and said, "You're right. I know you're faithful."

When he looked back at the smeared lipstick next to his button, he decided he disliked that shade of red.

When she came with the kids grass and dirt-stained with their white cleats a messy grayish brown, she spotted a plastic bag with a receipt an three things of lipstick sitting inside. She smiled.

"Oh honey," she cooed while he tried to concentrate on cleaning off the last of the dishes. "You shouldn't have!"

He stuttered out, "I did, though." Then told her that he would put them in their bathroom.

She was afraid to let him go out that night. The kids were asleep and she wished to spend time with him.

"It's very important I go to this lesson," he said. He would tell her every night that he was going to night classes held a nearby college and that when he gets his certificate from the course, his job will pay him more.

After slipping out the house, he would actually drive to a place called, "Majestique." It was a club for particular men and particular men who liked those particular men. He would then go into the dressing rooms, mask his face, and then Zandra, a powerful woman, would come out. She would get on stage and sing and dance and forget about her worries of whether the house is clean or if the stitching for her latest creation is just right. All that matters is that she is a particular woman, a particular woman that particular men like.

By the morning, Zandra is nowhere to be found and he is lying quietly in his bed. His wife would wake up, get ready for the day, and then head off to work. Sometimes this is done in silence while other times he'll also be awake and he'll say, "Hello." She'll return this greeting then the silence returns.

He'll then cook breakfast for the kids, take them to school, come back home, clean, then work on new designs or sew together more fabrics for his work. After that, his usual activities vary. He might experiment with new ways to create his mask. He might look into the mirror and pose. He'll lip synch to his favorite songs by Chaka Khan and Shania Twain. This is only when Zandra tries to sneak into the house, but he always tames her, because she is not loved or accepted there.

But at night, he goes to Majestique. There Zandra stands on the stage, free and adored.