I never understood the jealousy girls had toward me growing up. It wasn't because I was smarter or wealthier or even prettier than them, which were the reasons I was jealous of all of them. Instead it was because I was close to all the boys. When most girls were going through that giggly awkward stage where they couldn't form coherent thoughts around the school heartthrob, I was laughing and talking with him as we watched a movie after school.

Boys were easy for me to hang out with, they made sense. All the girly emotions and mood swings weren't my thing. I didn't understand the crushes and the games my female counter parts did. It wasn't that I was a jock or even a butch girl. I liked cute clothes, my hair was always long, I wore makeup, I had boyfriends, in every aspect I was a girl. I just somehow clicked better with guys.

My life was easy and it made sense. I was in control of everything and that's the way I liked.

Then there was this boy...