Torn Asunder

Imagine if you will two people who are in love. Their affection for one another is immeasurable. Words poorly describe it. Actions tell of a great tragedy.

They have been torn asunder.

He bathes in a poor of despair and agony that is bone-chilling. Stripped of the light that had finally brought his desolate mind peace. He gazes out at the starry night sky, a sigh of aguish flows bitterly from his mouth. He so desperately wants to say that he will be fine. But it is pointless, for his eyes are lifeless and his expression is melancholy.


That is what he had said, despite the fact that he does not believe in superstitious bullshit. But he had felt it with her. The breathtaking realization that their souls had connected on a level that was almost unfathomable. This could not be the end, hoped it wasn't.

She cared for him so much. In fact, he had awakened something deep within her. She did not want it to be that way. She wanted him, and now she sulks in her misery. Slumbering in a nightmare to which she cannot awake. Never spoke the words that held power and meaning that only few could ever truly come to know. She lives with the decision that brought her heart so much pain. Tears drip from her chin in a sorrowful shower. She so badly desires to call his name, in the hope: that he will come to her.

A smile no longer graces her lips. Her eyes convey that there is a void inside of her. Fear grips her hard, saying that it is all over and her hope for happiness is dead as her eyes are lifeless.

Her only chance gone.

I tell you this because their tragedy should never have happened. They should have been able to live a blissful life together. My message to you, good people: if you ever find that one person. Hold onto them, make sure never to let go. For surely you do not wish to live a life as half a person, but rather a whole.