fame and glory
by: october lies (november 15, 2010, 2:39pm)

with half-moon eyes and black lungs,
you're a new take on a fast-moving scene
that's already been done before and,


i should've stopped a long time ago.

but you've got a bitter taste on your tongue,
talking in circles and bending rules,
and i can already tell that


one of those boys.

and so we skipped fall,
headed straight into winter
with blood eyes and


a damn thing but re-burns to our name.

time does not exist between us,
except to go to waste as
you're in all of


thoughts in all the wrong ways.

so i want to expose what's behind
those false lines and tear you down
'cause you've never been the


i like, boy.

--- what a fucking waste of my time, you whiny little fuck.

sorry that it's shitty the formatting is whack on fictionpress and i can't do anything to fix it.