They'd known each other for a week and a half, and Nick was convinced that Dante was just another emo kid. Sure, he was a lot friendlier once you convinced him you weren't going to bash his brains in, but he was still morbidly obsessed with dead things and listened to bands like My Chemical Romance and Marylin Manson. He wore ridiculous amounts of make-up, and every article of clothing he owned was either black or blacker.

Typical, typical scene kid.

Even as he was mentally cutting the new kid down, he couldn't help but think it was sort of cool. After all, he'd never actually seen an emo kid in person before. They weren't all that common in the middle of Buttfuck, Ohio. It was like part of the internet stepped out of his computer and into his life. The only way that could have been cooler was if it had been Chuck Norris himself. (Or Vin Diesel, who was by far way hotter, and totally a Haloid like him.)

So it completely blew his mind when, at lunch one Monday, Dante dropped his Nightmare Before Christmas man-purse on the table and promptly pulled out a beat up, bright pink Gameboy Color (covered in Hello Kitty stickers, no less!) and loudly declared, "Yesterday was my birthday. My dad got me a deck of Pokemon cards, Gold, Silver, and Crystal, and a stuffed Jigglypuff. I spent all night playing, I've already got three badges in each game. And the new deck had a freaking Shiny Pidgey card in it. My life is complete."

"He got you… Pokemon?" He couldn't be hearing the kid right. And did he seriously just declare his life over a Pokemon internet meme?!

"Yeah, and a Ramones CD. I didn't think he even knew who they were. I totally cannot get "Wanna Be Sedated" out of my head now, it's so damn catchy."

He must have been staring. He had to have been. He just couldn't believe anyone would ever admit to liking Pokemon, except for maybe a bit back when it was all the rage, but Dante just - And he didn't even seem to realize that Nick's mind was blown all over the cafeteria floor!

"You like Pokemon?" he asked again, just for clarification. Because surely, he was mishearing something!

"I freaking love Pokemon!" Dante asserted, slamming his fist onto the table for emphasis. "I am a freaking Pokemon Master. I am the best Pokemon Trainer in this whole freaking school, and I will Thundershock anyone who dares to disagree with me."

He turned to look at Nick, defiance flashing in his dark, brown eyes. "What?"

Ohgod. If he hadn't popped a boner the instant "Pokemon Master" left Dante's way too full, plush, kissable lips, he would have right then. Scene kid or not, that was the kind of open, devout geekiness that you just couldn't get anywhere offline. It was gorgeous.

And if he shrugged the other boy off and poked at his mashed potatoes while palming himself through his jeans, well… Scene kids might not be adverse to making out with other boys, but there was no way an emo and a troll would ever get together.

Even if said emo DID like the shit out of Pokemon.