Leather jacket, spiky hair, necks snaked by golden chains.

These boys have good looks but don't have brains.

Add a cigarette dangling between their fingers.

They play metal songs, aspiring to be DJs and singers.

When girls pass by they don't forget to whistle.

They like to show off their bikes and of course their cells.

They don't know English but try to use it to look cool.

They live the wild life and follow no rules.

They hit on every single girl that they see.

Bad boys like these don't impress me.

Really? How do you date these guys?

They're fake, show-offs, built of lies.

Their only claim to fame is that they're bad boys.

Do you even realize that you're just their play-toy?

All they want to do is have some fun.

Once they get what they want, poof, they're gone.

I don't wand to date bad boys just to be hip, happening, upbeat.

I'd rather date good caring guys who I know would never cheat.

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