Made: Friday, December 10, 2010

Time: 5:15p.m


Imagine this:

You're standing

In the middle of the road

With your eyes closed

In the middle

Of the star-lit night.

You breathe a phrase

Of hope

Of trust

That says,

"Hit me now."

Then it comes—

The long-awaited for

Hits you like a car,

Like a truck,

Like a semi.

And you not only fall,

But you fall backwards.

You fly

And skid into the concrete;

And the feeling

Of pain

Hits you just as hard as

The car,

The truck,

The semi.

But your voice is shot,

So all you can do is hiss

In pain

And suffering.

Now imagine that those you know—

Friends, family, acquaintances—

Were the people

Wandering the sidewalks nearby

And the people

That inhabited the bike lanes.

Now think:

Who stopped by your side

When you skid to a stop?


Who ran for help

Instead of waiting to see what happened?


Who kept walking by

As if nothing ever happened?

Even though they

Smiled at you the next day

As if not a thing happened,

As if those stitches don't exist,

As if that cast was gone,

Just because you're here,

You're alive,

You're "okay"

To them, on the outside

(But not really).

Now think back again:

Who were the people in

The car,

The truck,

The semi,

That hit you and just kept driving?