You were never far away
Dwelling from across an ocean
Never within reach
But you were never far away

Two different worlds
Different lives
Likely to never intertwine
But you were never far away

My role in your life
Your importance in mine

Maybe you spoke too quickly
And it was a one-sided love
Maybe I did not speak enough
I never thought I needed words

I felt your heart from here
I loved you more than anything
I was yours because
You were never far away

Now you have someone else
All I ever had was you
You have forgotten everything
Still, you don't seem far away

Through all this pain
I've never tried to stop
My whole hearted love
You were never far away

Your love for me
A treasured memory
My love for you
Lasts eternally

You don't remember me
Your love for me did fade
But I'll keep you in my heart
So you'll never be far away