He moaned and shuddered once more. His fingers, clinched tightly around wads of bed sheets, were white as snow. Again and again, I pulled back my waist and pushed it forth, ramming my length to the utmost inside his body.

And he loved it. He cried and begged for me to stop at first, but he had long forgotten his miserable pleas and succumbed to my persistence.

His body trembled with heat and desire; I could feel it all beneath my hands, which were gripped firmly against his hips.

Him, pathetic, slobbery, on his knees before me like a dog, with me, towering over him, strong, forceful, my eyes burning with lust and the rush of sex.

I felt myself tighten inside of him, so I withdrew for a moment. I leaned back, panting softly, and stared down at my penis, just inches away from his ass. Pulsing with heat, my penis begged for release, but I wanted that feeling to last.

"Please," He moaned, his back-side jerking as if I was still inside him. "Please, don't stop." His voice was so weak, so helpless. I had to ablige him.

I took hold of my penis and gently teased his hole open with the head. Juices mixes with blood dripped out of his ass and onto the bed sheets, and he groaned, digging his feet into the mattress on either side of me. Moments ago I was ready to cum, but now the feeling had faded away to where I could hold it back a bit longer.

"Please," he murmured again.

"Shutup," I hissed, sitting up and pushing his face down into the bed. His dark hair was stick with sweat between my fingers.

I reajusted myself at his back-side and, using my fingers, I pulled apart his hole and roughly shoved my penis into it. He let out a cry of pain, but I ignored it. I pumped myself back and forth, slamming my ballsack against his own while my penis invaded his insides. Faster, faster, faster! My penis burned with intense fire and pulsed like a heart-beat, filling with semen and thick juices once more.

He groaned loudly as his release came before mine, spilling out shamelessly onto the bed. I closed my eyes, my finger nails cutting into his skin where I held onto his hips, my body quivering with heat and excitement.

Behind my eyelids all I could see was red, pulse, pulse, pulsing in time with my racing heart. Suddenly, my heart skipped a beat and my eyes flew open. I thrust my penis deep inside of him as my release came at last.

Panting heavily, he shoved his ass backwards and pressed himself against me as the hot liquid filled his insides.

I trembled with pleasure and sighed, sitting back onto my knees. My penis, now limp, slipped easily from his hole, followed by a slimy stream of cum and blood.

He fell over onto his side the instant I was out.

Breathless and covered with sweat, he laid there like roadkill refusing to die.

"That...that was amazing," he whispered hoarcely.

"Don't mention it," I chuckled, pushing myself off of the bed. I looked around for my clothes and began putting them on. I zipped up my pants and jerked my T-shirt over my head.

"That'll be $500. Now, don't plan on skipping out on me, 'cause I know where you live now," I told him sternly as I slid my flip-flops on. "I'll leave the receipt on the table, here. Send your check to the address on it." I placed the scrap of paper on the table beside his bed.

He turned his head to look at me, his wild eyes shining. "I'll be sure to call you again sometime," he said hopefully.

"Pay me first, then we'll talk about a next time," I replied, not looking at him.

I looked around the room, trying to be polite but also just wanting to leave. I fished my cell phone out of my jeans pocket and checked the time. It was really late: 2:16am. Maybe I have enough time for another customer tonight, I thought.

"I'll let myself out," I said at last.

I went through his apartment and made it out the door before he could say anything else.