Avery was your average 15 year old. He did everything that was considered cool- getting a girlfriend, going out and getting drunk. But one night, one decision turned his life upside down…

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The alarm clock was going off.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Avery grabbed the alarm clock and threw it on the floor. The beeping continued, however.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Avery then realised that it was his phone. He rose from under his duvet, grabbed the phone and looked at the caller ID. It said on the screen: Kassidy Mobile. He pressed the green button and half-heartedly answered. "Hey Kass. What's up with ringing me this early?"

She replied "Early!? You think it's early!? Why aren't you at school Avery?

He forgot that today was Friday. He mumbled an excuse for Kassidy to tell the teachers.

He brushed his jet black hair until it was flat, rather than sticking up.

He shrugged any old clothes on and headed into town.

It wasn't long before he found trouble.

Because Avery was in a gang, he got riled up in a heated gang argument, right in an alleyway.

Some boys from the rival gang started to fight with Avery.

He fought, and he was ten times better. He had taken Karate lessons since he was five, and that made him a formidable opponent when in a fight.

Avery smirked, turned his back on the boys, who were lying unconscious on the ground, and walked off.

Every one of his jackets and hoodies had the gang logo on the back, a lion baring its fangs, with the gang name underneath: The Lightning Lions.

Avery's best friends approached him, as they were skipping school too.

"Lee, Ray. Didn't expect to see you guys here."

They merely signalled for Avery to follow them.

They were supposed to keep a low profile in case anybody saw them, but the police weren't easily fooled.

They saw the gang logo on Avery's jumper and decided to approach them.

"Avery, Lee, Ray. You guys should be in school."

The police knew those three particularly well. They were the best non-leaders in the Lightning Lions.

Lee had devised an escape plan if every they were caught skipping school- Lee would distract them while the others ran off.

Avery and Ray ran as fast as they could. Avery felt like he was betraying Lee, as he watched him getting taken away.

A couple of minutes later, Avery and Ray were still running through all the backstreets and alleyways- Only being chased by one police officer. Something caught Ray's leg and he tripped, stumbling to the ground while the police got him. Ray shouted "AVERY! RUN!" Avery was torn, but he had to run.

He hid in an alley for about two hours, to let him catch his breath, and to make sure the police had gone.

He got out his phone and tapped in Lee's number. He held it to his ear, but Lee didn't pick up. He tried tapping Ray's number in. He held the phone to his ear. He got a response, but it didn't sound like Ray.

"Where's Ray and who are you?" Avery asked. The strange voice said "I'm PC Jones and Ray is currently under arrest, so he cannot speak to you."

Avery hung up. Tears started to fall down his face and his hands started shaking. "What have I done? Why did I betray my friends?"

He managed to pull himself together, and walked down the street. That's when he heard crying.

It was coming from a bush.

Avery went to check it out.

He found a baby boy in the bushes, crying.

There was a letter next to the baby and it said one word: Disowned.

"C'mon little fella. Daddy's gonna take you home"