You say you really wanted a fresh start.

Oh please! Don't try to act over-smart.

I know who you really are.

I know you still love her.

You claim you're really happy in this relationship.

But I can hear the truth when her name escapes your lips.

You claim your love is real this time, true and pure.

But I know that all you really wanna do is make her yours.

You played your nasty double game just to date her.

You date others to try to make her jealous just to get her.

Look at destiny, it didn't let you.

But what you did to them made me hate you.

I'm ashamed to say you were ever my friend.

Was it even real or did you pretend?

You expect to be happy by breaking others' hearts?

Now I know why your misery always restarts.

I wish you bad luck in everything you do.

I hate this double game of yours, I hate you.