For some strange reason I have begun to read the Metro newspapers that everyone brings into work,
okay, it's mostly due to the Nemi cartoons at the back
but then my attention was caught by an artical about a woman who apparently legally owns the sun
and wants to charge us for using it.
This is my responce.

Presumptuous Ms Duran.

The man on the moon
has to find a new home,
for the moon is an place
an earthling can own.

And our sun, the lifegiver
for all of humanity
has been legally baught
by a Spanish lady.

I want to own a star?
How about a galaxy?
I'll buy a whole planet
just for little old me.

And astronaughts who visit
will have to pay a fine,
because that celestral rock
is mine, all mine!

It's a small step for man
and a giant leap for greed.
Yes a giant ball of gas
is exactly what I need.

You'll be glad to hear that in order for her to charge us she has to live on the sun for threee years.

Lets hope she tries.