Some hotel owners refused a gay couple saying they did not believe in sex before marriage, only the couple had a civil partnership and took it too court.

Hotel Hospitality

In my hotel there are rules
for those who wish to stay,
have respect and don't be fools
that and don't be gay.

In my hotel colour matters not,
nor religion or the way you dress,
if I rufused any of that lot
I'd be in such a lawful mess.

In my hotel if you're not wed,
at such immorality I make no fuss
Go ahead and share a bed
Afterall this is a business.

In my hotel when behind closed doors
we don't worry if you role play
go be slave Laia from Star Wars
but Han and Luke are not okay.

In your hotel you will not have
acts of the religious kind
no crosses or bedtime prayers
Sorry, are you out of your mind.

The hotel owners were Christian, hence the end section.
I don't like it when religion is used as an excuse to be unfriendly.
Gives Christians a bad name.
The third section does not actually fit for the owners in the paper but as I never intend on getting married I shall leave it in as that means I could not stay in their hotel with my partner.

I also have no idea how the owners feel about role play or what the law says wabout reasons for turning people away.