For that moment we were simply heartbeats rushing with adrenaline,

Staring into each others' souls that lay bare in our eyes.

For that moment the rest of the galactic existence fell away like shooting stars,

Comets blinking out into the night sky.

For that moment it was just he, me, and his gorgeous smile,

his eyes glowing more beautifully than a picturesque sunset.

For that moment we were tentative voices and prolonged stares,

And for that moment there was a connection of impenetratable force between us that no other person could have possibly

comprehended at that instant.

Because for that moment,

He was mine and I was irrevocably his.

For that moment I knew—

without the uncertainty that usually clouds my mind

—that he loved me.

For that beautiful and cherished moment,

He looked at me like I was the only person he had ever truly loved.

A/N: For the people who know me in real life, no, I am not dating anyone. If you really feel so inclined, you can ask me about what I'm referring to here. Let me just tell you, it's hard to explain without it sounding ridiculous...

Anyways...yeah. Enjoy. C: