Mary Anne

Long ago in a small village, a girl was patiently sewing a dress. It was white and long and magnificent, and she wanted nothing more than to try it on herself, but she knew better. The dress was not hers to keep, a member of a royal family had insisted she do it, and she dared not upset them. She did everything she possibly could to make it more wonderful, a fine intricate pattern around the waist resembling a wreath of flowers. The perfect drooping sleeves, but she had made it too wonderful. It caught the eye of a peasant girl, much like the maker. This girl though, wanted nothing more than to be wearing it and she was waiting. When one night, the dress was finally complete, the girl stole the dress.

She was prancing through the village on the day that the palace guards came. They immediately punished her by arresting her. She was thrown into the dungeon and found herself face to face with the young dress maker. As many had once said, she was beautiful, until the accident. They said that she had no face anymore, but that couldn't possibly be true. For days, the girl tried to see the makers face and failed. Then, she was found after a few more days, dead.

In fact, everyone who was placed in the cell with the maker died. The only similarity was the faces, frozen in pure terror. As if they saw something far too hideous and monstrous to possibly be real. The King was a foolish man and he ordered for the maker to be brought to him. The guards did as ordered and they took her to the King. Many nobles scoffed at the peasant and one even threw his wine at her. She was ordered to look at her King, but she refused. They had to force her to in the end, but she was ravishing.

Then light filled came from the ground surrounding her and her rags were turned to the dress she had made when in perfect condition. Her muddy, dirty hair turned long and pure white reaching her knees and her skin became almost pure white. The only colours in her were her light pink lips and crystal blue eyes. She reached into the top of the dress and removed a diamond. She stepped forward and placed it in the greedy King's hand. Then the sound of an invisible breeze came and she disappeared. Her body looked like it collapsed in on itself and the only remnant of her presence was the dress on the floor, ripped and torn.

The bride to be was furious and ordered guards to search high and low for her, demanding that her dress would be fixed. They never found her though. Almost as if she had never existed at all. The King died shortly after, a look of pure terror upon his face. Everyone after him who possessed the glorious and magnificent diamond would be found days later, dead and with the same look. The diamond was called a curse, but its beauty and radiance caused people to ignore the danger. Many would steal it, some would buy it. No matter who it was though, they would die. Even if they returned it, or gave it away before the few days were up.

The King was found in his bed, in the tallest tower. The guards had fussed over how carefully they would handle the body and how to give the news. They never noticed, not even one of them, the girl peering through the window. The one crystal blue eye staring in at the King. The only sign of her ever existing after her disappearance; was when she whispered to the guards.

Mary Anne