It was only nine in the evening and the Blackstone research facility was crawling with doctors and guests, all piled in to see the newest research developments in what they called 'the advancement of human evolution."

More like the torture, experimentation, and exploitation of humanity.

Naomi Braun stared in contemplation for a little bit before she turned to her brother, Joseph, who was sitting in the driver's seat of the car, "Are you sure that they won't recognize you?"

Naomi looked towards the large building and straightened out the wrinkles in her dark blue dress, "I'll be fine."

"You're going in there by yourself," he reminded her, "If someone recognizes you, then you won't be able to get out. You'll be trapped with no hope or means of escape."

"I'll be fine," she repeated and took a breath, "I'm not on file, they won't recognize me."

He settled back down, "You know how I feel about this."

"Yes," she didn't take her eyes off the building, it was easier that way. If Joseph saw the fear in her eyes, then he'd call off this attack immediately and demand that they find a different way.

She knew that the moment she stepped into that facility, it would probably be the beginning of the end. The Facility already looked intimidating enough to anyone that didn't know that it also had twenty stories underground and was crawling with enough guards to make Fort Knox look like a joke in comparison. If she messed up in any way, she was trapped, and from the stories she heard, that scared her more than anything.


She closed her eyes and took a breath; this needed to be done by her. Everyone else on the team had been in the Facility at one point or another. David, Lisa, Able, even Joseph had been there. They were all on file; the camera would recognize them the moment they got in view. Unless the government had been keeping an eye out on her and she didn't know about it, she'd be fine.

"It's okay," she attempted to smile, "It'll be easy, sound the fire-alarm, seal the guards in, and lower the EM shield and jamming device so that you and Able can get in. I'll be in and out before you know it."

"I don't like this," he opened the door and climbed out

"I know."

"Just…be careful, okay?"

She nodded and slid over to the driver's seat, and shut the driver's door.

It would be easy. She studied the blueprints, response times, schedules…get in lower the defenses, get out. It would be easy.

She turned the ignition and lowered her foot against the accelerator gently. They were far enough away for the guards not to see her pull out from the forest, as long as she kept her voice steady and maintained her identity, she'd be fine.

Joseph watched the car as it entered the gate and felt his heart race as the large metal gate started squealing to a close. It took everything he had not to go in there with his sister, but if he did, the past four months of work would've all been for nothing.

He picked up the phone and pressed number 2 on the speed dial and put it up to his ear.

"What is it?" David Jefferson, their leader asked immediately.

"She's in," he told him, "She just walked into the entrance."

"Good," David tried to sound reassuring, but Joseph could hear the hesitation in his voice, "She'll do fine, Joseph. Her role is small in this compared to ours. You need to focus on your job now."

"Well, just so you know…should anything happen and we can't get her out without revealing our own identities…I won't be going after them first, I'll be coming after you."

He hung up his phone and shoved it in his pocket.

Now the hard part.

The waiting.

David stared at the security monitors in the van that was two miles off, so far they were blank with the exception of a light gray message on the monitor saying that the computer information they were trying to hack into didn't exist.

Able Stewart, the team technician swore that it would change as soon as Naomi disabled the jamming device that was keeping them from accessing the Facility's information. Or better yet, if she could get anywhere near it. They all didn't say anything, but they knew that her chances to get into the control room, were slightly better, it'd take a series of good lies and good timing in order to get in there without a hitch.

Able looked at him, "You know how this would be easier?"

He glared at him, "No Able. We're not going to do that."

"I'm just saying."

"I told you what the terms for my taking up the leadership were when you asked me to take part in your little field trip. One of them being that we didn't resort to what I do unless it's absolutely necessary."

"Oh," Able snapped, "So, its okay if you risk our lives and expose what we can do, but there's no way that you can do the same with yourself."

"Hey," David snapped angrily, "What I can do is way more dangerous to anything any of your bunch can do at your worst."

He grabbed his phone and opened the van door, "Let me know when the jamming signal's down."

"When?" Able raised an eyebrow, "Not if?"

"I better hope that it's not 'if'. Because if so, then I'm a dead man."