A little writing challenge. "Write a 'monologue' with lots of description and feelings but no names." This is the first thing I have ever written from a guy's PoV, so lemme know what you think!

I loved her with all my heart and still do, but who wouldn't? She was beautiful inside and out. Her silvery blue eyes just drew me in, even when she wasn't looking at me. Her silky auburn hair flowed perfectly over her shoulders and gently down her back, ending just below her shoulder blades. It always smelled like apples, I remember. Her skin was pale silky smooth and flawless other than the few faint scars on her wrist from long before I knew her. Her hands were dainty, yet capable of much mayhem. When she would smile, her eyes sparkled. Sometimes it was a playful sparkle, and others it was an evil one.

She was fierce, fiery, and defiant, but that's what I loved the most about her. She didn't take any shit from anyone. Mess with her and she would mess you up. She wasn't afraid of you and she never would be.

She was always the most beautiful when she was listening to her music, though. I always knew about what she was listening to from the expression on her face. She always sat the same way as she listened to it; always on the ground with her back against the wall, one leg straight out and the other with the foot flat on the ground and her hand with her iPod was resting on it. Usually she was wearing a t-shirt with a plaid mini-skirt over jeans and her Converse. She always wore the same jewelry – her aunt's motorcycle chain bracelet, her rainbow Silly Bandz, her black onyx ring, a necklace I had given her when we first started going out, and her Hatchetman. Her music was always blaring, and she would grin like a maniac with her head tilted back. Sometimes she would mouth the words to the song she was listening to, usually something by ICP, Twiztid, Dark Lotus, or some other Psychopathic Records artist.

She was my evil little Lette, my Wicked One, my mate, and I was proud to call her that. She was the one who had gotten me into the Family to begin with. Sure, I was skeptical at first, but as I got to know them, I realized that I could be myself around them and they wouldn't judge. They weren't bad people like society had us believe. We wear our Hatchetman charms with pride and aren't afraid to tell people what we are really about. Take out the drugs, sex, and vulgar language, and they were just one huge family. We're there for each other.

She's the one that really showed me this. She was always there for her Family. If someone fucked with one of her brothers or sisters, she was ready to pull out an axe and go chicken hunting. She didn't care what consequences there were. She was going to help her Family out.

Nobody ever really knew how much she meant to me. Almost from the moment we got together our families were against us just because of a three-year age difference. Now that she had gone on, people truly see how much she means. She's the one that brought happiness into my life. Without her, my life has no meaning. She was my first and only love. I cared more about her than my own life. She was my mate and my Wicked One, and I love her with all of my heart.

And now, but in just a little bit, I shall be with her again.

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