Encouraging People

Write! They say.

Just throw some words together

What's the problem?

That's what you do, isn't it?

Oh, you encouraging people:

For the love of all things holy

Stop encouraging me!

Let me wallow and pity myself

And moan about writer's block

Let me complain about vibes

And lack of inspiration

Then – then!

When, suddenly, I'm struck.

I'm numb with the fever.

I'm unresponsive as I try

In vain to pour out the words

You so wanted.

Then you can smile to yourself

Tell your friends

It was all you.

That the reason those words

Are even strung together at all

Is because you were there

Encouraging me.

Inspiring the poet

Who was, until now,


And if it helps yourself,

Feel free to say

That you were the inspiration

For this poem.

You did play an important role

Didn't you?

Go ahead; give yourself a pat on the back

Now, leave me alone.