Horror High

For the past six years, nothing has changed… How boring

They tell you that life goes on, no matter what happens. They also say that it's basic human behaviour to want things to stay the same. No matter what they tell you though, you can't ever be prepared enough for high school. Out of everything they have to warn you about what you're going into, movies, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, even the dreaded school bully one year ahead of you; it's not ever going to be enough.

You'll probably want to leave as soon as possible, but with most things, plans usually change. You keep trying to make everything stay the same, but they're not going to listen to you. Friends grow out of you and you're left floundering around, staring at people who are still friends, feeling lost. Then some people come to you, but you're so out of tune with your social skills, that they leave you soon enough. Then, there's the dreaded third year, when you choose your subjects.

Just when you think you've found someone again to call your friend. There's your new classmate's and you hang out with them more, or rather, your friend does. That leaves you alone again, socially awkward. No one pays attention to the loner. With you, friends are just touch and go, but it's hard being lonely. You want to say something to them, but they're so happy with other people, that you can't bear to ruin that for them. You're just too nice…

Life stays the same throughout the rest of high school. Bored and lonely are two bad combinations that you will later regret. Face it, when you're older you'll have lost touch and taken on the weirdest hobbies that do nothing but repel most people. It's a sad fact, but really, the truth can hurt a lot.

That's what I was told; I wish they had been right.