At school Meredith, Jasmine, Adolpha, Megumi, Alimah, Jenny, Tala, Jack and Adrian meet. In detention Tala and Jenny bring out the book which grants them each a wish.

Soon after Megumi's request of pyrokinesis sets the school alight. Megumi and Jasmine venture into the building to retrieve the book. The firemen who break in rescue them.

Megumi sets up a meeting place for them at an abandoned mansion. The group complete their elected number of wishes – Jenny has invisibility, Adrian controls air, Tala reads minds, Jack controls water (others unknown).

Meredith meets two people whom she knows and vanishes soon after. Jenny gains the police's attention and is 'thrown into jail'. They go to an abandoned factory to train their abilities to free Jenny and find Meredith. The police soon catch them training and they manage to escape.

The book is revealed to be missing. Adolpha won't wake because she was killed in her sleep – Megumi knows of why and by whom. They start moving through the forest and start panicking. Tala explains to Megumi that she knows there's more to Megumi than meets the eye. Jasmine encounters beasts in the woods.

Jenny is shown to be at the school. Her vision flashes between the school and a swamp. Megumi disappears. Jenny is at the janitor's closet and drops a stone into the room. The stone doesn't make a sound.

The group in the forest find themselves back at the school. The wind forces them to take refuge in the school. In the school Jenny hears dripping and is shown to have lost her sanity. Jenny is still separate from the group. Alimah is caught and the group is ambushed.

Horror High

Her nefarious smile contorts into malignant smirk as the situation sinks in for them; she enjoys watching the changing of their shocked expressions. Her actions and expressions possess a dangerous darkness that hides its meaning. She raises her left arm and gestures for them to move in that direction. Fearful of her and what she can do they immediately obey. Adrian, who is usually so loud and fierce is now quiet and demure. He daren't displease her – it isn't worth his life.

Tala and Jasmine hold one another's hand tightly as they try to find some comfort. They struggle to find any so they try to content themselves with the relief that they aren't in Alimah's position. However, Alimah isn't fearful. Her eyes express strength and composure as she surveys the school in the bleakness of night. The one hauling her along with the others slows down. The woman steps out from the shadows and, for a brief moment, touches Alimah's arm in a comforting manner before walking ahead.

Adrian mutters to himself whilst keeping his eyes firmly ahead. His movements are stiff and sometimes robotic looking. He trembles now and then in terror. His best friend Jack is in a similar position. Jack's arms are wound tightly around himself to ward off the cold and attempt to distance himself from the dangers of their present situation. His trembles are sometimes as violent as convulsions and he nearly falls behind because of it numerous times. Somehow he continues to force himself on.

"Water," Jenny mumbles deliriously. "Water… It's every… Everywhere… Water…"

She staggers and stumbles along the halls. Her arms are wound tightly around herself. Her eyes are wide and unblinking as she loses more and more of her sanity. Her mouth is gaping and wide. She had once been muttering and mumbling delirious but now there's only silence. Words are no longer relevant to the insanity that she possesses. She only knows pain and horrors that are beyond mortal reckonings.

Suddenly she stops. Her head snaps up and her wide eyes are fixed on the ceiling. She takes a long gasping breath that fails to reach her lungs. Her fingers uncurl and stretch outwards. Her chest constricts tightly and she struggles against mental barriers. They hold her firmly in place, but soon it stops. Her head falls forward and her hands go limp. Her legs buckle but she stops herself from falling at the final moment. Her head lolls to the side and she weakly begins moving forward.

Soft sounds rise in the eerily silent building. From around the corner a creature approaches. It stops at the intersection and watches Jenny stagger further and further away. It leans forward and something white gleams in the darkness. It then continues on down the hall; heading away from Jenny.

Alimah whimpers against the hand covering her mouth as her captor descends the final step. He looks to the captives with uncaring eyes. Then to the woman who had led them all to this point. She flashes him a contemptible smile and turns back to where she had led them. It looks like a basement wall but she knows differently. She walks up to it, close enough that they can't see her face, and raises her right hand to the level of her eye.

An orange-gold glow appears. It emerges in her eyes and follows the cornea perfectly. Her hand clenches and the glow pales. She lowers her arm and the glow soon vanishes entirely. She casts a quick glance back towards the one holding Alimah. For once her eyes contain slight discomfort. She soon turns back to her task and draws a circle in the air. The wall rumbles unhappily but eventually moves away. She immediately starts towards the stairs leading further into the ground. Fear engulfs them as they tentatively follow her, but for one irritation is overtaking fear and rational thought.

"That's it!" Adrian roars, pointing accusingly at her. "What's your plan you evil witch? After everything you've done at least give us an answer! Tell us Megumi!"

She looks at him contemplatively. She gathers her thoughts for a moment before giving him wicked a smile. She nods in his direction and fire erupts violently. He stares in horror at the flames surrounding him, Tala, Jasmine and Jack. The flames are crackling, wild and seemingly untameable but he knows that she has perfect control over it. The fire rises further and shoots forward an inch at a time. He glares as she forces them on with the threat of a fiery death not unlike the place they're likely to be abandoned after they pass.

With her back to them Megumi's face contorts into a cruel mask. Pride, lust for blood, insanity and delirium are all evident in her expression. She lifts her hand and turns her palm to face upwards. A flame ignites and hovers above her hand. She lowers her head and fixes her gaze to the ground as the outline of a structure comes into sight. As they draw closer it becomes clear that the structure is a doorway. It is crafted of stone and has strange lines carved precisely into the dark stone.

The sides of the structure extend beyond the necessary structural body. At the base of the doorway the stone work reaches out in the form of a large stone wall. As the group enter into its intimidating pathway the suffocating feeling of claustrophobia strikes at some of them. Jack, Tala, Jasmine and Adrian cower in towards one another. They grasp at each other in a bid to feel even slightly safe. They don't dare to look up and neither do Megumi and her shadowed helper.

With their eyes fixed firmly on the ground they fail to see the eyes staring down at them from atop the gargantuan wall. A flash of brilliant white gleams against the midnight shadows. The thing leans closer to them and the white reveals itself to be rows of razor sharp fangs. It knows better than to make a sound so the beast takes a step back. It bears its fangs at the group once more before retreating. It soon vanishes from sight amidst the gloom.

Yet it does not leave so innocently that there is no trace of its presence. On the stone structure is a mark where the beast's paw had been. The mark is dented into the stone as a silent promise that things have not ended. It is a silent promise of return and the consequences that will come of it. The creature has left behind a great mystery and, perhaps, a greater threat. Only one thing is clear, and that is a warning of whatever is to come and to beware. Whatever is to come is not to be taken lightly.

Author's Note: I told you that I would keep you waiting for long this time. I know that there isn't much on the surface but if you squint a little bit then you might catch sight of a hint of what is to come.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading. I apologise if you haven't.