I Am…


I am a broken woman,
I am a beaten soul.
I'm little more than damaged goods;
No part of me is whole.

I am a woman lied to,
I am a woman scorned.
I'm nothing short of an emotional wreck;
I wish I'd been forewarned.

I am a woman struggling,
I am a woman who'll overcome.
This is my personal battle, and
I'll keep fighting 'til I've won.

I am a woman, confused.
I am a vulnerable soul.
I'm slowly learning to open up again,
Learning to let my heart take control.

I am a woman mending,
I am a woman, begun to heal.
I'm still little more than damaged goods;
But I'm slowly re-learning to feel.

I am the woman, you've promised,
I am the one you desire, and
Though I'm still an emotional wreck,
Love, rekindled, burns within like fire.

I am still a woman struggling.
I am a woman learning to re-trust.
Because although I'm starting to love again,
I don't want to be taken in again by sheer lust.

I am a woman who's stronger.
I am a woman who believes
That love does exist, and I've found it...

And this time it's real.


L. Sherman