Split Finger Wrap

By Ritchie White

The air was cold and damp, as I hooked the last strap to my chaps. Something in my guts told me not to, but I did anyway. Some, call it a split finger wrap, or even a suicide knot. I was about to find out.

I made the rope a little tighter this time, as I sat forward on my bulls back,

I could feel the heat in his body go through my legs, and it felt comfortable in an odd way. I took one more look, and I was ready.

I pushed myself up closer to my rope, slid my chaps to the side, and centered my legs on the bull's stomach. Not sure if I am ready now, I thought, but I still gave a nod and yelled


With the sound of the chute gate my bull blew, he went left, great I thought, right into my hand. His first jump had wrenched my guts, but gave me a good feeling at the same time.

I gave him a hard spur to his right side, he's gonna go left again. I anticipated too soon. In midair, he rolled hard to the right, and I began to lose my balance, but it only took a second to get back to my rope, and get another good seat.

I went to spur him on the right side, but before I could, he turned back to the left. Not good to second guess your bull, dad would have said. By the time I found my seat again, I heard the buzzer. Great I made it what a sigh of relief.

I had a new problem, I'm hung up. I couldn't untie my rope. It is stuck, and I began to panic. When I went to exit again, he turned right hard. There was no time I fell to his side, and he dragged me beneath him, thrown and twisted and twisted like a rag doll and in complete disorder. I knew I had to do something. What am I going to do? With a thundering blow to the midsection and the wind knocked out of me, I was dazed and confused.

Still tied in I tried to get back on my feet, but he beat me again, even with the help of the bullfighters at this point, I was no match for the untamed beast.

I rolled under him somehow, and he stomped down into my back very hard. My hand freed, but I was in very dangerous territory. Battered, I could not get to my feet. Old Rocky spun, and caught me by surprise. The jar from his spear nearly knocked me out, blood went everywhere. He speared me again, this time breaking my ribs, I felt the crack, and smash inside. I grimaced in pain, and I could not move. My breath was gone. He spun around, and with a kick to my head, he knocked me out.

As I awakened, I was fuzzy and incoherent. I only thought, if I could walk away from this, I would not try this again.

When I began to look around, I had seen that I was still on the ground. I had realized that Old Rocky had ended my career for I had broken my back and could not walk, but I made it out alive and that is what counts.