Chapter Eight:

Something's Wrong

(Cassiel's POV)

Her words repeated in my brain over and over. I know what you did to me . . . how did you do it? Who are you? What are you?

I screwed up.

Only two days into the job and she'd already nearly figured me out. She was a smart girl, if she had the right resources, my secret would be out, and I would lose my position as her Guardian Angel. But I wasn't so worried about that at the moment. What I was worried about was a Fallen One corrupting her, entering her mind, giving her dreams, thoughts and memories, erasing my work . . . without me knowing. This is bad, it means she's already a target. They were already after her. She was very important. They want her dead . . .

. . . so, why can I only think about the way her lips felt against mine? The way her body moulded perfectly against me, like two puzzle pieces. The way she tasted of earth, and Jasmine. Bittersweet. Why could I only think about the way her hair turns golden in the sun, or how her easy smile glowed?

What was wrong with me.

I shook my head, as if to clear it, which did no good. There was too much space in there, it just separated my thoughts. This is what humans must call scatter brained.

I haven't seen her face to face for three weeks, now. I'd followed her, making sure she'd kept out of danger, and so far, nothing drastic had happened, but, it seems, I have spoken too soon.

Ella was walking home, having lost her keys – again – and, the stupid girl had taken the backstreets. This would have been fine . . . had the Fallen Ones not found her.


Ella was in danger.

What should I do?

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