Me: This is a REALLY small story that i wrote for my English class

Envy: and she got a A+!

Me: oohhh... O///O j-jeez envy...**blushes**

Envy: But it scared the crap outta all of her classmates XD

Me: YEP! :3 So please read and enjoy! :3

I Dare You…

Have you heard of the story of poor little Billy Joe? Well, out in the vast desert of the Sierra was a small house. This house was not an

model of excellence, for it was abonded many decades ago. Now all it houses are alledged criminals, crazy people, and bugs. People

used to come and go through the old house, but no body stayed very long. If they were crimanals, they would come out screaming,

begging to be taken back to jail. People say its hunted, others say a crazy old women lives their, waiting in the corners of the house,

staring at you hungrly. They say whoever goes in, never comes out the same...


5 years ago, Little Billy Joe went in on a dare.

His body was never found. They say he was at the disposal of the old women. Parents tell their kids not to go near the place. "Don't go

in" the whisper in hushed voice's. Would you go in? I dare you to go in. Prove to me that this is false.

I dare you...


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