Friday Nights Suck

"What are you doing on Friday?" My mom asked me for the billionth time this week.

"I don t know Mom. Probably just stay home and chill." I told her for the billionth time.

"Why don t you go out with your friends or something? Go and see a movie," She suggested. My mom, Kristine, has good intentions. She really does. I just don t have to heart to tell her that I don t feel like hanging out with any of my friends.

"Maybe, Mom. We ll see." It was the excuse I always gave her. In my mind, it really meant, 'No, I will not be going out on Friday to hang out with friends who don t really give a shit about me.' I couldn't ever tell her that, though.

We talked a little longer, and finally I retreated to my room. Great, I thought, now I have nothing to do. I decided to curl up on my couch, check my facebook, and then read a book. I logged onto the website and saw that I had no notifications. Wow, shocker, I thought sarcastically. It wasn't that I didn't have any friends. I had friends, and I liked them, I really did. It was just that I didn t really have any best friends. I didn't have any of those best friends where I could call them and just talk to them on the phone about random shit that happened during the day. I had no best friend where I could hang out with and talk about how much something annoyed me. I didn't have anyone to talk to about anything important in my life.

The friends that I did have were hilarious. They were random and did the stupidest things. They were great, really, but you could only take so much of them. This meant that my Friday nights were usually spent with me, myself, and I. I tried to not let it bother me, but it did. Who wants to be home alone on a Friday night?

I started to feel the tears coming, and I got angry with myself. Get a grip, I told myself, this is how it is for you. Get over it. I took a deep breath, and decided what book I wanted to read. I read the book until it was an acceptable time to go to sleep. I set my alarm clock for school tomorrow, and went to bed.


Beep beep beep

Please, tell me it s not time to get up already. I turned off the alarm and got up. I took a shower; blow dried my hair, and finished getting ready. I pulled my hair up into its regular pony tail, and threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I decided to put some make-up on, which I rarely did. I grabbed my bag, and got into my Range Rover.

I liked the Range Rover. Actually, I loved it. I had gotten in for my 16th birthday. My step father had gotten it for me. I think the car was just a bribe, though. It was fine by me. He bought me nice things, and I pretended that I actually gave a shit about him.

I pulled into the parking lot and sighed. I hated this school. Despised it, actually. I couldn t stand the people here. They were all rich snobs. Yes, I was rich as well, but I didn't flaunt my money around. The girls were sluts. The boys were jerks. Then, the teachers didn t care about you if you weren t smart enough for them. The school was horrible. Although there were some things that I liked about the school. There was a court yard in the middle of the school that was just filled with plants, and it was really beautiful. There was also the fact that you could walk out the front door and see the beach a block away. That was the best part about this school. Some days, at the end of the day, I would just walk right down the beach and watch the waves. It was one the best things about living in San Diego. I was minutes away from the beach. It was absolutely wonderful.

I got out of my car, and started to walk towards the front doors. I plan my mornings so that I get here right when the bell rings. This means I didn t have to hang out before school, and look like a total loser. I got to my classroom, sat down, and mentally prepared myself for the day ahead of me.


Lunch finally rolled around, thankfully. I sat down at my usual table, with my usual friends. My friend, Andria, looked up at me, and gave me an excited hello. Andria was one of those people who wore no makeup and never did their hair, yet they looked amazing. All she did was wake up in the morning, put clothes on, and she was ready.

If I had to choose my closest friend, it would definitely be Andria. She was hilarious. We did the stupidest things together, got into way too much trouble, and had a ton of fun. At one point, we had been best friends. One summer we were absolutely inseparable. We never went without each other for more than two days. Looking back, it was kind of crazy how we were able to be around each other for that long. Like all good things, it had to come to an end. School started again, and we just drifted apart.

Now, Andria and Leah were best friends. They were inseparable. It was like Andria and I all over again. If I said I wasn't jealous, I would be lying. I was incredibly jealous actually, and I couldn t stand it. Who cared if Andria didn t want to be BFF's with me? Who cared that we never hung out nearly as much as we used to? Who cared? I wish I could say that I didn't. I did, though, and it hurt every single time I got blown off for Leah, or she was too busy with Leah.

Don't get me wrong, though, I love Leah. She's also one of my good friends. We had a ton in common. We both had a passion for reading. We both had no tolerance for annoying people. We both did stupid things. Although that sounds a lot like Andria and I, it was a totally different relationship. Leah and I were both friends, but she was incredibly protective of Andria. Not the good kind of protective. Not like if you screw with my best friend, then I'll have to kick your ass. No, it was the kind of protective that if you came near Andria, Leah would rip your head off. Every time Andria and I would have a day to hang out or something like that, Leah would find some way to smuggle herself in too. It was always Andria, Leah, and I and that just really sucked.


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