She awoke from sleep to a warm presence softly pushing down on her. Groggily opening her eyes she came face to face with an intense set of blue irises beneath a shaggy curtain of light brown hair.

"Good morning sunshine," pouty lips whispered softly to her as a hand reached up, brushing a few stray hairs from her face.

Silently, she looked down and realized that this gorgeous boy was lying at her side, shirtless, and seemingly transfixed with simply staring at her face. When she looked back up, their eyes met and something akin to a staring contest began between the two. Then, without warning, he threaded his fingers strongly into her hair and leaned down, firmly pressing his lips against hers.

He wait only a few seconds before beginning to slightly open his mouth and continue to kiss her surprised lips.

Once she recovered from the initial shock, she closed her eyes as she reached up her hands to rest around his neck. She could feel a burning heat in her cheeks from the sudden surprise but quickly got lost in the soft perfection of the boy's lips on her own and the delicious scent that seemed to be emanating from him.

The kiss began to move from innocent to heated when the boy shifted his weight so he was laying on top of the girl as he brought his second hand down to rest on her hip. Traveling down, he grabbed her thigh and pulled her leg up around him forcibly, continuing his tantalizing assault on her mouth.

Not wanting to be a passive bystander in her own kiss, she brought both of her hands to his chest, slowly dragging her nails down to his abdomen, hearing a muffled groan in reply. He began to dig his fingers into her hips in retaliation, her moan getting lost in his lips as the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth presented itself; not a corner was left unexplored.

Deciding to be bold, she fisted both of her hands into his shaggy hair and brought their bodies as close as could be. Pulling away for only a moment, she nipped at his lower lip, pulling at it teasingly until he hissed in pleasure and she took the opportunity to pry into his mouth and tangle with his tongue.

Being unable to ignore instincts and the heat that was being created between their bodies from this kiss, just once, he pressed his core against hers, earning him a satisfying groan. He pushed her harder into the soft bed, adding more pressure to the fingers on her hips as he licked her bottom lip, sucking it into his mouth. His hand left her hair and traveled to the back of her head, desperately pulling her closer.

Focusing everything on the beautiful boy's lips, she began mindlessly tracing patterns just above his pant line with her fingertips. Needing to catch a breath from the sudden sensations she was creating by gently scratching at his waist, he pulled away, gasping, only to have her begin to kiss along his jaw, down to his neck.

She could feel and see him tensing his muscles and she knew she was the reason behind it. With this new, empowered feeling, she sat up, pushing him to the side and twisting around so that she was now straddling his waist as she pinned him down and his hands gripped solidly onto her hips.

Leaning down she began very lightly pecking at his lower lip, pulling away before he could kiss back. Without warning, he sat up and grabbed her face, fiercely pulling her mouth to his with a sexy growl. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he tightened his hold on her waist, his fingers slipping beneath the hem of her shirt. Slowly, he began to bring her shirt up with his hands as he caressed the soft contours of her hips and stomach.


I awoke with a jolt, looking around in a confused state for the source of the outlandish noise. Blindly reaching out my left arm with the aid of muscle memory, I turned my alarm clock off and flopped back down in bed with a sigh.

"Man, that was one realistic dream."

With little time to waste, I rushed to get ready and out the door so I wouldn't miss the bus and have to take a taxi to class again.

As luck would have it, the bus was pulling up just as I reached the stop. I noticed it was pretty full and would probably have to stand as I fumbled in my bag, looking for my pass to swipe through the machine. Ignoring the grunts of annoyance behind me as I finally got it through, I blindly stumbled forward, putting my card back in my bag when the bus suddenly jerked and I went falling into the stranger next to me.

Muscled arms reached out to steady me, "Are you okay?"

I was about to apologize for running into him when the words got stuck in my throat and I looked up to see an intense set of blue irises beneath a shaggy curtain of light brown hair staring down at me.

Yes, I called this a "Half-shot" (lol) because there's really no story.. just an intense kissing scene that I felt like writing for pretty much no reason. I still have stories! But they're all works in progress because I seem to be stuck in a different spot on each one of them. So thus.. here's a little chunk of exciting writing for now.