That girl that looked back in the mirror was a stranger. She didnt know who she was. That unfamiliar face that haunted her every where she went was the ghost of her past that she never escaped. The snow white hair, the lavender tips, the dark, indigo eyes, and those ugly, horrible markings. She liked to call them scars. Scars of her past. She pulled a pale finger up and touched her hair that never grew past her shoulders, she lifted it up and looked down, only to find the darkness of black meet her eyes. She sighed and turned away, just another day. She pushed herself out of the doorway and hurried down the stairs, grabbing the key from the kitchen table, ignoring the small note and threw her backpack across her shoulders. She opened the door, closed it and locked it behind her, trotting down the driveway and across the street, opening the car door and shoving her back into the back seat, before jumping into the passanger side and shivvering into the warm, heated seat. The windshield-wippers slid left to right, right to left infront of her, pushing the falling snow off the glass as her friend pulled out of the driveway. "Bad morning, Eira?" She looked over at the older boy and sighed, leaning her head back on the warm leather seat.

"Just like every other morning, Nic." She whispered, looking out the window. She silently wished he could see who she really was. What she really was. As she looked at her own reflection in the dark glass, she silently whimpered, her bottom lip quivering. She hated her pale, ugly hair that was so diffrent, no one would understand. She hated the scars she had, that covered her face like a Mardi Gras masque. The dark purple designs covered her forehead, surrounded her eyes, and twisted across her cheeks, down her neck. She hated her eyes, so big and diffrent, she hated her nose, so strait and porceline like a ugly doll. She hated her body, small, petite and looking so fragile no one would take her seriously. She hated everything about herself.

Nic drove them down the icey, slush covered streets of New York, pulling into the familiar parking lot that took up the west side of school. Eira stepped out of the car, her grey boots sinking into the dirty slush, as she walked towards the school entrance, with Nic close behind her. He was never more than ten feet away from her. Never. His fingers grazed against her hip as the stepped into school and walked down the pale blue halls of the high school, until she came to her locker and quickly dialed in the combination. Nic stood right beside her, doing the same thing with his locker and grabbing the necessary books for class. Although he tried to ask questions, she, as usual, gave him vague, one word aswers before heading off to her class and sitting down silently. Nic nodded to her from the doorway before heading off his own class, the only times they werent together.

"Morning, Eira." Eira nodded to the girl who sat down beside her, never looking up from her paper on which she drew a rose, a sword and a pair of cat eyes. Her scars danced across the blade of the sword, and in the iris of the eyes. The girl, Ashley, looked at her paper and gasped. "Wow, thats amazing, Ra!" Eira couldnt help but smile graciously.

"Thanks." She whispered. Ashley took her seat, still looking over her shoulder, watching as the girl shades and sketched the markings into the large feline eyes. A small smile crept upon her face and she glanced at her face, as if she could see something no one else could. Eira ignored it and continued on until the bell rang and the teacher began the lesson. She sat patiently, pretending to pay attention as she played with the ends of her short black hair, until she moved onto another class. Each class went by like the last, and each hour was just as boring. That was highschool for you. Nothing special.

She felt the fire burning as she sat on the stone pedistal, crouched, watching the colorful flames dance around the old memories. Her eyes were angry slits, her fingers curling into the stone, making it crumble beneath her finger tips. Their smiles, their laughs, everything was burning. She didnt want to remember anything. And still, she couldnt remember everything. The smoke billowed into the evening sky, fading into the darkness like it was never there. Eira watched silently until the flames were only glowing rainbow embers, until everything was burnt.

She slowly crawled from her place on the tall stone pillar, her wrist twirling in a circle and the small clearing turning black. She walked silent, still steaming angrily, back through the forest. Her mind wasnt even there, as her body moved automatically, her mind was still destroying those horid memories, ripping them apart. Her black hair swayed silently, her dark eyes menecing. As she hit the edge of the forest she paused, looking up at the house before her, the familiar house shes lived in for the passed seven years. No lights flickered behind the curtains, and the only sounds were the steady breathing of her parents in their bedroom. Eira took a few running steps, jumping slightly and pushing off the deck railing, and clamping tightly to the ivy vines that crawling up between the bricks. She crawled silently, stepping onto her window ledge and slipping between the curtains, before closing the window behind her. She turned to the bedroom, looking at the queen bed to her right, the white dresser to her left and everything that was supposed to make this home. But it wasnt.

She slowly stripped herself of her day clothes, going to bed in only her underwear and staring at the clock that mocked her, flashing the time in laughing red lights. She just wanted to forget it....everything.