"Ra. Ra! EIRA!" Her eyes snapped back to his as she looked away from the rain that pounded against the window. Nic gave her a worried look as he sat next to his friends, PS3 controller in hand. His friends looked at her also, but almost in annoyance. "You alright?" she nodded and stood up, leaving the room and heading outside. She closed the door behind her, a sign of 'leave me alone'. She leaned against the railing of the porch, looking up at the clouds that covered the forest, the rain that pounded down on the pebbled driveway, and the lightning that streaked the grey sky. Her clothes still smelled of smoke and ash from the night before and her mind was still in a completely diffrent world. Still, after seven years, she couldnt forget what happened. But, she also couldnt remember.

The amnesia was fading, finally, but half of it still wasnt quite there. She could remember everything about her family, that she left, what the world was like...but she couldnt remember why she left. She couldnt remember what was happening there. She couldnt remember the people, the land, she couldnt remember what was so special about them. A small spark light up inside of her, and the base of her skull throbbed painfully. She placed her fingers there, under her hair and bit her lip, eyes glaring angrily out at the sky that seemed to match her mood. She pulled her hand back and looked down at it, watching the silver glow fade away. She sighed, tracing the invisible markings, the invisible scars, absent mindedly. She almost smiled, something she hadnt done since she arrived here.

Their was a crack to her left and her head snapped up. Her body tensed and her legs automatically slid shoulder length apart. Something flashed in her eyes, something no human could catch if they watched her. The forest seemed to shift, like something entered it without permission. It seemed like the shadows became even darker than ususal, like the trees became angry. No bird chirped in the branches, no squirrels skittered across the floor. Something wasnt right. Eira slowly moved across the porch, looking into the window for a second as she passed. The boys were to into the game to notice her. She slowly glided across the wooden decking and down the three small steps, out into the pounding rain. Almost instantly her hair began to stick to her neck and face, and her clothing became soaked. She flittered into the tree line, her body pressed tightly to the bark. Her eyes watched everything, like she was trained to. She watched every shadow, every stick, every leaf, every tree, every little thing.

Something flashed to her right and her body twisted. She slowly moved in that direction, stepping lightly and carefully as a feather along the forest floor. Another flash. She mentally cursed and looked around. Nothing. Nothing that she could see, but she knew something was there. The forest was no longer safe. She could no longer be here. "Eira!" Nic's voice echoed to her from the front porch and another crack was heard farther ahead. It was almost like who ever was there, was trying to get her to follow. No, she wouldnt. She slowly backed away to the forest edge again, turning quickly and jogging up to the porch where Nic stood with two of his friends, Vince and Jason. She walked passed them, wringing out her hair and shaking her body off before she entered the house. "What were you doing out there?" Nic asked her as she grabbed a towel to dry herself off.

"Nothing." She whispered. "Nothing at all." He gave her a look like he didnt believe her but said nothing else and went back to playing the game. Eira went up to his bedroom, searching drawers for something to wear. She found a pair of his boxers and a big black t-shirt. Stripping, she watched the window, looking down at the forest again. Things were changing, she could tell. And if anyone she knew from her past met her, they better have something to protect themselves.

Something buzzed on the floor and she looked down at her soaking wet jeans, pulling her cellphone out of the pocket and whipping it off before looking down at the screen. Time to come home. Her mother texted her. She sighed and grabbed her clothes, hurrying down the stairs and into the living room. "I gotta go." She stated, catching Nic's attention, just as they were shutting down the PS3. He nodded.

"Vince and Jason can drive you. Their leaving now anyway." She nodded and followed them into the garage where they parked their car. She jumped in the back, taking the short ride across the street to her house and bolting inside. Her mother was in the kitchen, her father in the living room watching the news. She mumbled her hellos and went to her bedroom, where she threw her wet clothes in the corner and collapsed onto her bed. She started up at the white ceiling blankly and sighed deeply. She cussed when another flash caught her eye. She sat up quickly and looked at the dresser. She stared at herself, white hair, lavender tips, indigo eyes, indigo scars. Her eyes slipped to the edge of the mirror where the flash caught her attention again. She sat up and walked across the room, her fingers wrapping around a locket that wasnt there that morning. The locket was silver, two folded angel wings. As her skin touched it, they unfolded and a small folded letter fell onto the floor. She dropped the locket onto the dresser, and it closed again.

"Damnit." She whispered, bending down and grabbing the letter. She sat down on her bed, crossing her legs Indian style and unfolded it. As she began to read, her eyes slid slowly into narrow, angry slits and the edges began to crumple and burn, until the words began to slither and melt together, and nothing was left but and glowing ball of ash.