The Traveler

Ch 1--The Edge


It was a place he'd wanted to see for some time, at least a year. When he stepped to the very edge of the cliff and stared out, one gray running shoe would lightly tap its toe against the pale purple sand under it. He had thought himself barely able to see outward because of the dim light coating the entire half planet he stood on, but it didn't seem to matter when staring at the black past the cliff where he stood.

It was the farthest edge of the universe itself, proof of it being finite, and there was nothing beyond that point. No more stars, or dust, or rocks, or even gravity wells. At the cliff he was able to turn around and see every galaxy in existence in front of or to the side of him, but not behind.

The half planet was strange in itself. Seemingly no atmosphere, a result of no sun, it allowed constant view of the stars before it. The purple sands glistened with an old light bounced from a sun several solar systems away, causing the blue and silver specks in the sand and rock pillars to glitter. While all the rock formations and sand dunes were natural and unorganized, the cliff extended up to what would normally be the horizon in a straight line, with the sudden drop off.

With the scan he'd done before coming here, it turned out that in all of history and time, no creature had ever been to this world and all of it's sparkling deserts were left lonely. So he took the first steps on its ground.

After a few sighs and stares directed to random sights around the edge planet, such as giant stones coated in the dark a horizon away from him or emerald galaxies that looked like tendrils, he decided to end his visit and walked back to the cliff. His hand reached around in one of those strange coat pockets, feeling several things in there way too big for the pockets until he felt one of a certain shape. He pulled out a flat square shaped device with half of a sphere poking from the top, and held it just above his head. It was a camera he made.

He clicked the top of the half sphere and the place flashed white. He then clicked something on the side of it and flashed it again, but only ahead of it this time. He placed the everywhere camera back in one of the pocket dimensions of his coat and ran a vaguely rough hand over the cold, sparkling stone. He broke off a small chunk with a chisel and stared at it with a childish smile before it went in the pockets too. Content with his two photos and souvenir, he followed up with the removal of a single glove for his right hand.

Once worn, the glove became hard and a rectangle made of light emitted from its wrist, a screen. With every manipulation of his finger, something on the screen changed, like some kind of piano style computer being played upsidedown. His free hand twisting and sliding dials on the glove also changed things until he got whatever he wanted. He took one last look at the planet with the cliff at the edge of the universe, then pressed a button, and was gone.

All the way back on Earth in the present and in a city alley somewhere, he popped back to reality. He walked out into a crowd, putting the glove away and disappearing into the group of people.