The Traveler

Ch 3--Attack


Frozen environment, frozen people, frozen clocks. The two remaining people not stuck between moments, although one was shaky, strode along the halls. Even if she walked, the whole frozen time thing had Ana rather freaked, so it made sense the only thing in her mind was looking for her client and trying not to pay attention to everything. That was difficult though, with him standing behind her.

Every cell in her nearly jumped when she felt a soft grip on her shoulder and her head spun to see what it was, but he was just staring again. "Don't do that!"

He let go and a crooked smile spread across his face. Both hands of his indicated to both hallways as if questioning where they should go next. Without a word, she started off where his right hand had pointed and to a door with the agent still blocking the way. "If everything's stopped, can't I just walk past him?"

In response he nodded and went around behind the suit to open the door. Ana shrugged before a question fell out, "Your name's Travis, isn't it?"

While he was standing in the doorway, he seemingly half shrugged in a way that said 'kind of' before stepping through completely.

"So it's not? I heard someone call you that though." She stepped through after him and continued, "Can't you just tell me it?"

An odd expression she didn't recognize came over him, then he closed the door behind her and indicated the man she was on the clock for. Now that the door was locked and they, along with the man, were the only ones inside, he slapped his pocket again and everything resumed moving.

The man sitting in bed instantly noticed who wasn't there just a second ago, coughing up a bit of coffee out of surprise. "Ana? Where'd you come from?" His eyes suspiciously zipped to and away from the door, "They told me you quit being my lawyer."

"What?" A disbelieving glance was aimed at the door until she turned back to him. "The suit outside said you fired me and you were going into witness protection."

One of his hands went up and started scratching his thinning brown hair in very slight aggrevation, "Only the second part is true, but I don't want a lawyer I don't know, especially when the family could already have them." More anxiety than annoyance was showing through his face.

"At least we're on the same page. I was-"

"Who's he?" It wasn't until now Ana noticed how blaringly obvious his glare at Travis was, like he was a threat or something.

The glare would be slightly threatening, if she wasn't so used to it from her client. "That's Travis. He helped me get in here."

Her client's grip on his cup strengthened, as did the fear in his voice. "Are you sure he's not one of them? I've never seen him before."

"Oh no, he's another patient. He..." For some reason, he was flinging his arms to his sides and kicking to one side at a time. While the two stared in complete confusion at that odd man, he took an empty paper cup and filled it with water, then proceeded to splash it against the side of his head.

When water droplets fell from the blond strands of hair, Travis finally noticed the two normal people watching and grinned. Ana just felt awkward. "What the h...what are you doing?!"

He shook his hair somewhat dry, at least of the droplets, and shrugged. The redhead threw a hand in the air and turned away. "Whatever."

The sound of chuckling came from the man in bed as she saw him rubbing his face and forehead, "You're strange, but none of the family's people act like that."

Despite her own exhaustion with people today, Ana sighed and restrained a small crack of a smile. The weird guy sat back while the two spoke about how to protect the woman's client, or how to at least put away the members looking for him.

A quiet, rather mellow hour passed and they only just noticed Travis snoring in the chair he'd chosen. Ana stood to wake him up, but a click sounded through the room and his eyes flashed open on their own. The click was the door, and someone was opening it.

Ana and the man froze in place, but Travis took just enough time hitting his coat to let the door open a bit before time froze again. "That was kind of close, but good catch, Trav." the lawyer signed.

"What did you do?!" Ana's heart jumped and she spun around to find the man in bed still moving too, then looked to Travis.

"It'd be nice if you could talk." she said and awkwardly built herself up to explain, "That weird guy can kinda........stop time."

The bedded man glanced to Travis, then back to her. Her reply was a nervous shrug, and his only reply was a sarcastic shake of the head. "Oh well, of course he can. I mean that's normal, right?"

As if not listening, Travis was up and across the room, looking over the man who was barging in. He turned to the other two and pointed, questioning.

"I don't know him." the only woman said, "How about you, Burt?"

Finally named, the hospitalized man, Burt, looked him over next, checking every detail. "That's a family member suit! Get him out!"

The red head's first instinct was to help the scared man to calm down, as was Travis', as he was walking toward the two. Something completely accidental happened though.

He bumped his side agaist the wall.

He himself froze as everything unfroze and the man at the door revealed a gun from his suit. Though Travis wasn't affecting anything, everything seemed to move slower as all three saw the weapon, and the last act before the ear shattering blast was Travis grabbing someone and slapping his jacket.

And the room was quiet.

After the newcomer had seen that Burt was dead, he searched the room. He decided to call it a hallucination when the two others he thought he saw for a second were nowhere to be seen.

End of chapter